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-ИНФОРМАЦИЯ:-Обновление для игры: Left 4 Dead 2
Дата выхода (последний патч): 8 января 2014
Разработчик: Valve
Обновление: с до последней на текущий момент (
Тип раздачи: Патч / Обновление
Требуемый язык игры: Русский / Английский
Язык интерфейса: Русский / Английский
Таблэтка: Вшита (RevEmu)-ОПИСАНИЕ:-В раздаче несколько патчей которые помогут обновить игру Left 4 Dead 2 с версии до Так же в патчи включен эмулятор RevEmu (от 25.12.2013)

Список изменений (08.01.2014)

• Fixed memory buffers not getting freed after downloading workshop items.
• Fixed a vpk loading bug that could cause an out of memory error.
• Fixed several rare but persistent crashes:
• Round restart in No Mercy map 1
• Witch eye glow particle system
• Chainsaw pose parameter update
• Common Infected post data update
• Scavenge mode scoreboard
• Fixed text input not working correctly in Hammer model browser search field. (28.12.2013)

• ? (17.12.2013)

• Fixed a file management bug that could cause some users to run out of memory when opening the Addons screen.
• Removed SSE2 requirement that was added during the Linux port.
• Fixed plugin handler reporting all commands as coming from the server, even when they came from the client. (7.11.2013)

• Fixed chainsaw effects stuck on when a player dies.
• Split shared melee weapon sounds and script entries so they can be modded individually.
• Map exploit fixes:
• The Parish 4:
• Restored player blocker near the parade float crescendo event after map restart.
• The Sacrifice 1:
• Blocked Survivors from an infected-only area near the safe room.
• The Sacrifice 2:
• Prevented Survivors from skipping the gravel pile crescendo event.
No Mercy 1:
• Added truck headlight beams.
• Blocked Survivors from the roof of the bus stop.
No Mercy 2:
• Prevented Survivors from skipping the generator event.
• Blocked the top of a subway car.
• Blocked a fence top after the generator event.
• Prevented Survivors from escaping the map.
No Mercy 3:
• Blocked Survivor access to an invulnerable window ledge.
• Prevented Survivors from skipping the gas station lift crescendo event.
• Cold Stream 1:
• Blocked Survivors from getting on the tower roof.
• Cold Stream 2:
• Prevented Survivors from jumping over a truck near the barricade. (23.10.2013)

• [Linux] Fixed controller support.
• [Linux] Support for Chinese font rendering.
• [Linux] Fixed problems with incorrect mouse grabbing when joining a game.
• [OSX] Fixed problems with lerp calculations.
• Rolled back CEF version to see if it was the cause of vertex buffer errors. (11.10.2013)

• [Linux] Fixed crash when showing server MOTD.
• [Linux] Implemented microphone support.
• [Linux/OSX] Fixed occasional crash when playing with captions. Also fixed some captions not displaying at all. (18.09.2013)

• Mac / Linux
• Fixed a buffer overrun which could cause a crash on start-up.
• Fixed an audio bug which could cause a crash on start-up.
• Allow scripts to write to sub-directories of the 'ems' folder.
• Script system will look for *_entities.txt files in /ems/maps as a fallback. (16.08.2013)

• Tweaks to add-on management:
• Report conflicts between mission scripts in the Add-ons menu.
• Fixed checked items getting unchecked after reporting a conflict.
• Allow all add-ons to override base content at the main menu.
• Allow content-only add-ons on non-vanilla dedicated servers.
• Allow add-ons to override base mission and mode scripts on non-vanilla servers. (05.08.2013)

• General:
• Fixed loading screen showing placeholder text when playing mutations.
• Fixed a bug that always allowed Special Infected to spawn when a mutation was active.
• Fixed an out-of-range volume setting for one of Nick's lines.
• Fixed missing Russian audio in The Passing.
• Fixed missing localized audio in No Mercy.
• Improved stability when using hybrid graphics on Bumblebee.
• Additions to EMS Scripting:
• "ClearedWandererRespawnChance", percent chance (0-100) that cleared nav areas will get re-populated with wanderers.
• "Convars.GetClientConvarValue( cvar name, entindex )"
• "Convars.SetValue( cvar name, value )". Only server cvars can be set from script.
• player.IsDying()
• player.IsOnFire()
• player.Extinguish()
• Support for mode-specific population scripts, of the format "population_". New population names will be merged with the base script, matching population names will override the base script.
-В раздачу будут добавляться все новые патчи для Left 4 Dead 2.-


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