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Magnus Carlsson / Дискография
Жанр: Eurodisco/Pop
Страна: Sweden
Год издания: 2001-2015
Аудиокодек: MP3
Тип рипа: tracks
Битрейт аудио: 128-320 kbps


2001 - En Ny Jul (256)

01-Nar En Stjarna Faller
02-Mitt Vinterland
03-It May Be Winter Outside
04-Happy X-Mas (War Is Over)
05-Himmel I Advent
06-Finns Det Mirakel
07-White Christmas
08-All I Want For Christmas Is You
09-Anglarna I Snon
10-Himlens Alla Stjarnor Ser Pa
11-Christmas Time
12-Nu Ar Julen Har
13-Happy, Happy Year For Us All (feat. Alcazar)
14-It's Just Another New Years Eve

2006 - Magnus Carlsson (192)

Продолжительность: 51:17
01-Som Om Inget Hant
03-Da Talar Karleken Sitt Sprak
04-Mellan Vitt Och Svart
05-I Mina Hander
06-Det Storsta Av Allt (The Greatest Reward)
07-Lev Livet
08-Som Din Himmel Ger Mitt Hav
09-Mitt Hjarta, Ta Mitt Hjarta
10-Funnit Min Angel
11-Det Maste Va' Med Dig
12-Jag Ser Dig, Jag Ser Dig, Jag Ser Dig

2006 - Spar I Snon (192-256)

Продолжительность: 53:59
01-Jul Igen (256 kbps)
02-Himmel Bla (256 kbps)
03-Wrap Myself In Paper (256 kbps)
04-Om Jag Stannar En Stund (256 kbps)
05-En Riktig Jul For Oss (256 kbps)
06-Kann Ingen Oro (256 kbps)
07-Faller Ner Pa Kna (256 kbps)
08-Julens Tid Ar Har (256 kbps)
09-Wonderful Dreams (Holidays Are Coming) (256 kbps)
10-Valkommen Hem (256 kbps)
11-Undan Vinden (256 kbps)
12-X-Mas Medley (256 kbps)
13-When You Wish Upon A Star (256 kbps)
14-It Is Christmas Night (256 kbps)
15-On My Knees (192 kbps)

2007 - Live Forever - The Album (Deluxe Edition) (256)

Продолжительность: 1:04:27
01-Crazy Summer Nights (Original Version)
02-I Won't Cry
03-Waves Of Love
04-Nothing Is Real
05-Another Rainbow
06-Give A Little Love
07-Never Walk Away
08-Live Forever
09-I Need Your Love
10-Don't You Worry
12-Boogie Time
13-Live Forever (Acoustic Version)
14-What About Love (Unreleased - Outtake From The Recording Sessions)
15-Don't You Worry (Demo Version)
16-I Found Love (Demo - Outtake From The Recording Sessions)
17-I Belong To You (Demo - Outtake From The Recording Sessions)
18-Live Forever (SoundFactory Radio Edit)
19-Waves Of Love (Sodros Pemix)

2010 - Pop Galaxy (320)

CD1- The Album

Продолжительность: 1:36:16
01-My Galaxy
02-The Best in Me
03-Feel You
04-The Kiss
05-Keep On Dancin'
06-A Little Respect
07-Show Me The Way
08-Doin' OK Doin' Alright
09-Stronger Than Ever
10-One Love To Give
11-This Is Disco (Pitchline International Version)
12-When Our Love Is Gone
13-Take Me To Your Heart
14-Last One To Stand

CD2 - Bonus Disc

01-Crying At The Discoteque
02-Walking In My Shoes
03-Money (Greedy Honey)
04-Flash ("One Love To Give" French Version)
05-This Is Disco (Single Version)
06-Feel You (Pitchline Club Remake)
07-A Little Respect (Pitchline Remix)
08-This Is Disco (SoundFactory Paradise Anthem)
09-Feel You (Ruff & Jam Club Mix)

2013 - Anglarnas Tid (Special Edition) (192 - 320)

01-Anglarnas Tid
02-Little Drummer Boy
03-Christmas With You
04-Ave Maria
05-Stilla Tystnad
06-Glans Over Sjo Och Strand
08-Nar Vi Narmar Oss Jul
09-Nu Tandas Tusen Juleljus
10-It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
11-O Come All Ye Faithful
12-This Night (''Anglarnas Tid'' Engelsk Version)
13-Den Lille Trumslagarpojken (''Little Drummer Boy'' Swedish Version)
14-Navidad Junto A Ti (''Christmas With You'' Spanish Version)

2014 - Happy Holidays (320)

01-Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roastingon An Open Fire)
02-The Man With The Bag
03-Snow Song
04-This Christmas Night
05-Mary Did You Know
06-Christmas Auld Lang Syne
07-Let There Be Light
08-O Holy Night
10-White Christmas
11-Happy Holidays Medley

2015 - Gamla Stan (320)

01-Om Jag Dor Har Och Nu
02-Mot Mig I Gamla Stan
03-Innan Allt Ar For Sent
05-Nej Nej Nej
07-Faller Langsamt
09-On Top Of The World (''Om Jag Dor Har Och Nu'' - English Version)
10-Meet Me Downtown Tonight (''Mot Mig I Gamla Stan'' - English Version)
11-Oblivious (''Nej Nej Nej'' - English Version)
12-Glorious (''Oslagbar'' - English Version)
13-Together (''Tillsammans'' - English Version)
14-Mot Mig I Gamla Stan (Instrumental Version)


2002 - Stilla Ro Och Nara (CDS) (192-320)

01-Asa Jinder Med Magnus Carlsson - Stilla Ro Och Nara
02-Asa Jinder - Villa Viljan

2004 - Varfoer Jag - Ga Din Egen Vaeg (CDS) (192-320)

01-Limelights - Varfoer Jag
02-Magnus Carlsson & Mela Tesfazion - Ga Din Egen Vaeg (On The Radio)

2006 - Lev Livet (CDS) (128-192)

Продолжительность: 6:09
01-Lev Livet (Radio Version) (128 kbps)
02-Lev Livet (Instrumental) (256 kbps)

2007 - Live Forever (CDM) (256)

Продолжительность: 29:58
01-Live Forever
02-Siempre As Tu Lado
03-J'ai Vivrai
04-Live Forever (SoundFactory Radio Edit)
05-Live Forever (SoundFactory Eternal Club Mix)
06-Live Forever (SoundFactory Damnation Dub Mix)

2007 - Waves Of Love (CDS) (256)

Продолжительность: 10:08
01-Waves Of Love
02-Waves Of Love (Extended)

2007 - Another Rainbow (CDS) (256)

Продолжительность: 12:53
01-Another Rainbow
02-Another Rainbow (Hardact2Follow Radio Mix)
03-Another Rainbow (Hardact2Follow Club Mix)

2008 - Crazy Summer Nights (CDM) (192)

Продолжительность: 22:37
01-Crazy Summer Nights (Original Version)
02-What About Love
03-Crazy Summer Nights (Hard Act 2 Follow Radio Mix)
04-Crazy Summer Nights (Plastic Inc Nightvision Mix)
05-Crazy Summer Nights (Hard Act 2 Follow Club Mix)
06-Crazy Summer Nights (Original Version w-o DJ Intro And End)

2008 - I Was Born This Way (CDS) (192-256)

Продолжительность: 13:07
01-I Was Born This Way (Radio Edit) (192 kbps)
02-I Was Born This Way (Flying Handbag Version) (256 kbps)
03-I Was Born This Way (Sing-It-Yourself Version) (256 kbps)

2009 - Y.M.C.A (Single) (256)

Продолжительность: 8:22
01-Y.M.C.A. (Radio Version)
02-Y.M.C.A. (Soundtrack Version)

2009 - Magnus Carlsson & Wille Crafoord - Sommar'n Som Aldrig S?ger Nej (CDS)

Продолжительность: 9:45
01-Sommar'n Som Aldrig S?ger Nej
02-You Are Summer
03-Sommar'n Som Aldrig S?ger Nej (Svensk Sing-A-Long Version)

2009 - This Is Disco (CDM) (224-320)

Продолжительность: 24:46
01-This Is Disco (224 kbps)
02-Money (Greedy Honey) (256 kbps)
03-This Is Disco (SoundFactory Radio Mix) (320 kbps)
04-This Is Disco (SoundFactory Paradise Anthem) (256 kbps)
05-This Is Disco (SoundFactory Paradise Dub) (320 kbps)

2010 - A Little Respect (CDM - Promo) (224-320)

Продолжительность: 47:26
01-A Little Respect (224 kbps)
02-When Our Love Is Gone (224 kbps)
03-Rosalita 2010 (Swedish Edition) (320 kbps)
04-A Little Respect (Soundfactory Paradise Anthem) (320 kbps)
05-A Little Respect (Pitchline Remix) (320 kbps)
06-A Little Respect (Extended Original) (205 kbps)
07-A Little Respect (Pitchline Radio Edit) (320 kbps)
08-A Little Respect (Soundfactory Radio Mix) (320 kbps)
09-A Little Respect (Soundfactory Dark Dub) (320 kbps)

2010 - Feel You (CDM - Promo) (256-320)

Продолжительность: 35:05
01-Feel You (320 kbps)
02-Take Me To Your Heart (256 kbps)
03-Feel You (Ruff & Jam Club Mix) (320 kbps)
04-Feel You (Pitchline Club Remake) (256 kbps)
05-Feel You (Original Extended) (320 kbps)
06-Feel You (Ruff & Jam Radio Edit) (320 kbps)
07-Feel You (Pitchline Club Radio) (256 kbps)

2010 - Charlotte Perrelli & Magnus Carlsson - Mitt Livs Gemal (Swedish Edition) (CDM) (320)

Продолжительность: 21:19
01-Mitt Livs Gem?l (Swedish Version)
02-My Heart's Desire (English Version)
03-Mitt Livs Gem?ll (Instrumental)
05-Till?gnan (Instrumental)

2010 - The Best In Me (CDM) (256)

Продолжительность: 18:06
01-The Best In Me
02-Crying At The Discoteque
03-Feel You (Ruff & Jam Radio Edit)
04-The Best In Me (Pitchline Extended)

2010 - Christmas With You (CDM) (320)

Продолжительность: 15:03
01-Christmas With You
02-Little Drummer Boy
03-O Come All Ye Faithful
04-Navidad Junto A Ti ('Christmas With You' Spanish Version)

2011 - The Kiss (CDM) (320)

Продолжительность: 10:45
01-The Kiss
02-Slave To Love (Non CD-Album Track)
03-Keep On Dancin' (Short Edit)

2011 - Arrival (CDS) (320)

Продолжительность: 13:26
02-N?r Vi N?rmar Oss Jul
03-It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
04-Den Lille Trumslagarpojken (Little Drummer Boy Swedish Version)

2012 - People Change (Single) (320)

Продолжительность: 8:40
01-People Change (Radio Version)
02-People Change (Symphonic Version)

2013 - Glorius (320)

02-Oslagbar (Glorious Swedish Version)
03-People Change (Radio Version)
04-People Change (Symphonic Version)

2014 - Tillsammans (CDS) (320)

02-Together (Tillsammans English Version)
03-Tillsammans (Instrumental Version)

2014 - White Christmas (320)

01-White Christmas
02-Jag Drommer Om En Jul Hemma (White Christmas / Swedish Version)
03-Blanca Navidad (White Christmas / Spanish Version)

2014 - О Ноу Night (320)

01-О Ноу Night
02-О Hеlgа Nаtt (O Holy Night / Swedish Version)
03-Sаntа Lа Nоchе (O Holy Night / Spanish Version)

2014 - Тhe Сhristmаs Sоng (320)

01-Тhe Сhristmаs Sоng
02-Nar Frosten Nyper Din Kind (Тhe Сhristmаs Sоng / Swedish Verion)

2014 - Маrу Did Yоu Кnоw (320)

01-Маrу Did Yоu Кnоw
02-Маriа Visstе Du (Маrу Did Yоu Кnоw / Swеdish Vеrsiоn)
03-Маriа Sаbiаs Quе (Маrу Did Yоu Кnоw / Sраnish Vеrsiоn)

2015 - Mot Mig I Gamla Stan (CDM) (320)

01-Mot Mig I Gamla Stan
02-Se Mig (2015 RetroFunk Version)
03-Mot Mig I Gamla Stan (Instrumental)


2008 - Re-Collection 1993-2008 (2CD) (320)


CD 1

01-Magnus Carlsson - Live Forever
02-Barbados - Kom Hem
03-Alcazar - Not A Sinner Nor A Saint
04-Barbados - Hold Me
05-Barbados - Nu Kommer Flickorna
06-Barbados - Varlden Utanfor
07-Alcazar - Physical
08-Magnus Carlsson - Lev Livet!
09-Barbados - Grand Hotel
10-Barbados - Belinda
11-Magnus Carlsson - Waves Of Love
12-Alcazar - Love Life
13-Barbados - Aldrig I Livet
14-Alcazar - Alcastar
15-Barbados - Din Hemlighet
16-Barbados - Happy People
17-Alcazar - Wonderland
18-Barbados - I Morkret Har Med Dig
19-Magnus Carlsson - Da Talar Karleken Sitt Sprak
20-Barbados - Always On My Mind

CD 2

01-Alcazar - Start The Fire
02-Barbados - Rosalita
03-Magnus Carlsson - Stilla Ro Och Nara
04-Barbados - The Lions Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)
05-Allt Som Jag Ser - Barbados
06-Magnus Carlsson & Mela Tesfazion - Ga Din Egen Vag
07-Alcazar - This Is The World We Live In
08-Barbados - Mariann Fran Tylosand
09-Magnus Carlsson - I Was Born This Way (Radio Edit)
10-Barbados - Se Mig
11-Alcazar - Someday
12-Barbados - Nanting Har Hant
13-Alcazar - Singing To Heaven
14-Magnus Carlsson - Y.M.C.A. (Radio Version)
15-Magnus Carlsson - Walking In My Shoes
16-Magnus Carlsson - Heden
17-Barbados - Alla Dina Kyssar
18-Magnus Carlsson - Another Rainbow
19-Barbados - Bla Horisont (Blueprint Remix)
20-Magnus Carlsson - Alltid Leva (Live Forever)

2009 - Christmas (Deluxe Edition) (3CD Box) (192-256)

Продолжительность: 2:36:00

En Ny Jul (Special Edition)

01-Nar En Stjarna Faller (256 kbps)
02-Mitt Vinterland (256 kbps)
03-It May Be Winter Outside (256 kbps)
04-Happy X-Mas (War Is Over) (256 kbps)
05-Himmel I Advent (256 kbps)
06-Finns Det Mirakel (256 kbps)
07-White Christmas (256 kbps)
08-All I Want For Christmas Is You (256 kbps)
09-Anglarna I Snon (256 kbps)
10-Himlens Alla Stjarnor Ser Pa (256 kbps)
11-Christmas Time (256 kbps)
12-Nu Ar Julen Har (256 kbps)
13-Happy, Happy Year For Us All (feat. Alcazar) (256 kbps)
14-It's Just Another New Years Eve (256 kbps)
15-My Grown-Up Christmas List (192 kbps)
16-Lat Julen Forkunna (Happy X-mas (War Is Over) Svensk Version) (192 kbps)
17-Jag Drommer Om En Jul Hemma (White Christmas Svensk Version) (192 kbps)
18-It Is Christmas Night (Nu Ar Julen Har Engelsk Version) (256 kbps)

Spar I Snon (Special Edition)

01-Jul Igen (256 kbps)
02-Himmel Bla (256 kbps)
03-Wrap Myself In Paper (256 kbps)
04-Om Jag Stannar En Stund (256 kbps)
05-En Riktig Jul For Oss (256 kbps)
06-Kann Ingen Oro (256 kbps)
07-Faller Ner Pa Kna (256 kbps)
08-Julens Tid Ar Har (256 kbps)
09-Wonderful Dreams (Holidays Are Coming) (256 kbps)
10-Valkommen Hem (256 kbps)
11-Undan Vinden (256 kbps)
12-X-Mas Medley (256 kbps)
13-When You Wish Upon A Star (256 kbps)
14-O Helga Natt (320 kbps)
15-On My Knees (Faller Ner Pa Kna Engelsk Version) (192 kbps)
16-Undan Vinden (Magnus Soloversion) (192 kbps)
17-Nu Tandas Tusen Juleljus (192 kbps)
18-Ser Du Stjarnan I Det Bla (When You Wish Upon A Star Svensk Version) (192 kbps)
19-Faller Ner Pa Kna (Soft Version) (192 kbps)

Anglarnas Tid

01-Anglarnas Tid (192 kbps)
02-Little Drummer Boy (192 kbps)
03-Christmas With You (192 kbps)
04-Ave Maria (192 kbps)
05-Stilla Tystnad (192 kbps)
06-Glans Over Sjo Och Strand (192 kbps)
07-This Night (Anglarnas Tid Engelsk Version) (192 kbps)
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Дискография группы Аlcazar (c 2002 по 2005 Магнус в составе этой группы)


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