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Tungsten 2.07 [En]- Версия программы: 2.07
Официальный сайт: Tungsten-Start.net
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лечение: не требуется
Системные требования:
  • Windows Vista (32-бит и 64-бит)
  • Windows Server 2008 (32-бит и 64-бит)
  • Windows 7 (32-бит и 64-бит)
  • Windows 8 (32-бит и 64-бит)
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 (32-bit и 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit и 64-bit)

Tungsten - это браузер который разработан, чтобы предложить вам приятный опыт при работе в Интернете,а так же в настраиваемую среду. Программа позволяет переключаться между Blink и Trident. Кроме того, она позволяет перетащить вкладку к, для того, чтобы создать группу. Многоуровневая Группировка вкладок также имеется.

Дополнительная Информация

  • Simple UI
    • Appearance of Tungsten is very simple, however it has necessary features as a web browser.
      The start menu, it has web browser's main features, is placed in an upper-left corner.
      The quick start button is placed next to the start menu for easy access.
  • Multi-level Tab Grouping
    • If you drag a tab and drop to the center of another tab, Tungsten creates a group.
      Tungsten can also create multi level group.
  • Splittable View per Group
    • Tungsten can split tabs vertically or horizontally.
      So unit of split is group, Tungsten can split tabs or groups in a group.
      For example, you can browse in the left pane, and can watch video site in the right pane.
  • Local Folder Browsing
    • Tungsten has a local folder browsing feature.
      This feature can show downloaded files, local files, desktop, control panel, etc. like Explorer.
      You need not to switch applications to open the downloaded files.
  • Double Rendering Engines, Blink and Trident
    • Tungsten has double rendering engines, Blink and Trident.
      Blink engine, aka Chromium, is fast, stable and good support for HTML5.
      Trident engine, aka Internet Explorer, has excellent backward compatibility.
      You can change rendering engine with one click.
  • Supports Chromium Extensions and Chromium Apps
    • You can use Chromium Extensions when you use Blink engine.
      You can also use Chromium apps and Native Client.
      Note: Tungsten does not support all Chromium Extensions.
  • Quick Start Bar
    • Quick Start is placed at upper. You can register by browser's context menu or D&D from tab to quick start. Once you register, you can access easily by one click.
  • Integrated Address and Search Box
    • The Address and Search Box in this browser is integrated.
      If you don't enter the address but enter the keyword, Tungsten goes to web search.
      And Tungsten suggests for searching keyword.
  • Skins
    • By changing skin, you can change appearance for buttons, tab width or etc.
  • Open in Next New Tab
    • Tungsten has the "Open in Next New Tab" feature in browser's context menu of hyperlink.
      This feature is the ability to open and divide into left and right landing page, and open a window next to the existing one or new window.
      This is useful when you want to browse in the Web search site in one window, you want to browse hyperlink in other window.
  • Load State and Save State
    • Tungsten can save state of tabs, groups and divisions.
  • Local App. Capturing
    • Tungsten has Local App. capturing feature, it enables to capture a local application window and show as a Tungsten's tab. It prevents from cluttering because the window is housed.
      Tungsten can also free tab whenever you don't want to capture a local application window.
  • Mouse Gestures
    • Tungsten implements mouse gestures. Mouse gestures allow you to execute common commands by combinations of mouse movements.
      Tungsten also supports rocker gestures and wheel gestures.
  • Reading Support Bookmarks of Major Browsers(IE, Firefox, Chrome)
    • Tungsten can read a bookmarks of major browsers in realtime.
      You can also copy from them to Tungsten's favorites.
  • Not Sending Personal Data
    • Tungsten is not sending personal data

Новое в версии

update the Blink engine to 47.0.2526.106
update SQLite to 3.10.0
add active tab's title in main window title
delete metro_driver.dll and dependencies
delete some Chromium components (e.g. Chrome Crash Service, recovery)
correct mouse button names for gestures (left → main, right → sub)
Bug Fixed
cannot show the Chromium extension detail
cannot open HTML file when associate .htm file with Tungsten
process monitor issue at rendering engine process
process monitor issue when disabled local app capturing
a possible crash other apps when Tungsten ends
a tab bar issue in some cases when revert a split tab
some minor bug fixes


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