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ДИСКОГРАФИЯ- - -Жанр: Heavy/ Progressive/ Power Metal | Страна: USA | Год издания: 1999-2001
Аудиокодек: MP3 | Тип рипа: tracks | Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps


ZANISTER and their debut release "Symphonica Millennia" is the musical vision of 2 of the most celebrated heavy metal and hard rock guitarists in the last 10 years, Michael Harris and David T. Chastain. Both are noted for their band and solo works. However in ZANISTER the focus is on the group effort and not the flashy guitar playing that both of the guitarists have showcased in the past. Don't get us wrong, there is still plenty of spellbinding guitar playing but it is only part of the total picture. The other members of the band are equal partners and contributors to the devastating sounds of ZANISTER.
Joining Michael and David in the band are Brian Sarvela, formerly of The Reign of Terror, on lead vocals. Brian's amazing range and quality is definitely a high point in each song's total glory. Brian Harris, Michael's brother and former member of My Own Victim, handles the drums and puts forth an aggressive performance that should immediately put his name up there with theother current drum masters in metal. James Martin, a member of Michael's solo project, tackles the bass with a vengeance that adds an additional force all on its' own.
The music fits in the progressive melodic power metal style that incorporates traditional as well as contemporary influences. Michael states, "David and I wanted to record a CD that sounded not unlike the music we grew up loving and worshipping." "Music that was very powerful, with strong compositions, vocals that covered both highs and lows, intense drumming, and of course some sophisticated metal guitar playing."
ZANISTER is a word created and defined by David T. who says the meaning is "Sophisticated Intensity." David states, "We couldn't really come up with a unique name that described the music that hadn't already been abused by someone else, so what the hell, I used something from an alternate vocabulary I have invented over the years that I throw in from time to time." The album title of "Symphonica Millennia" roughly translates to "Metal music for the new millennia."
Michael further states, "I have been wanting to play in a band with my brother for a long time and this was the perfect opportunity to let Brian show how great a drummer he really is." "We grew up knocking around together but we never played in the same band ." "He was playing in Death metal bands and I was doing Arch Rival and so this band is like a happy medium for both of us."
There are no plans on this being just a one off project as the band has signed a multi record deal with Leviathan Records. The group hopes to take the sophisticated intensity of ZANISTER out on tour in 1999. David states, "Nothing would please us more than a great response to this CD and a tour that never ends!"
ZANISTER's debut cd "Symphonica Millennia" is the way to the future of progressive melodic power metal. Join the movement!

1999 - Symphonica Millennia


01. Fighters in the Sky
02. We Will Bring Glory Tonight
03. Save Me Now
04. Searching For Freedom
05. The Edge of Sanity
06. Let Them Live
07. Born in Cold Blood
08. Downfall
09. Children of the Gods
10. The Evil Will Survive

Время звучания: 58:40
Состав группы:
Brian Sarvela – вокал
James Martin – бас
Brian Harris – ударные
Michael Harris – гитара, клавишные
David T. Chastain – гитара, клавишные

2001 - Fear No Man

01. The Shades They Color Thee
02. You Live For Greed
03. Generation Breakdown
04. Fallen, The
05. Lost Control
06. Word of Fate
07. Hell on Earth
08. Fear No Man
09. Grip of the Groove
10. Got to Live My Life
11. Egyptian Nights

Время звучания: 56:40
Состав группы:
Brian Sarvela – вокал
David T. Chastain – гитара
Michael Harris – гитара
James Martin – бас
Brian Harris – ударные


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