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Rogue Legacy
- Год выпуска: 2013
Жанр: RPG, arcade, adventure
Разработчик: Cellar Door Games
Издательство: Cellar Door Games
Платформа: PC
Тип издания: RePack
Версия: 1.0.12c
Язык интерфейса: русский / английский (по выбору)
Язык озвучки: не требуется / музыкальное сопровождение
Таблэтка: не требуется
Системные требования:• операционная система: Windows XP (SP3) / Vista (SP2) / Seven (SP1)
• процессор: 1.6 ГГц
• оперативная память: 1.0 Гб
• видеокарта: ATI Radeon X1950 Pro / NVidia GeForce 7900 GT
• объём видеопамяти: 256 Мб
• DirectX: 9.0c
• свободное место на жёстком диске: 200 Мб
• дополнительное ПО: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, XNA 4.0, DirectX
Описание:Rogue Legacy - игра, в которой каждый сможет стать героем.
Каждый раз, когда Вы умираете, Ваши дети продолжают Ваше дело. Каждый ребёнок уникален. Один может быть дальтоником, другой близоруким... они даже могут быть карликами.
Это нормально, так как никто не идеален, и Вы не должны быть идеальны, чтобы пройти эту игру. Но Вы должны быть чертовски хороши, потому что эта игра ужасно сложна. К счастью, после каждой смерти на собранное золото можно улучшить Ваш замок, давая Вашему ребёнку больше шансов на победу.
Но вы не должны слушать меня, просто попробуйте.
Обновляемая!? проверено на Win7 x64

Список изменений

General fixes:
• Forgot to actually disable DInput controls when turning it off in the options menu.
General fixes:
• Fixed bug where game would crash if the DirectInput device was removed mid-game.
• Fixed bug where running the game with a DirectInput device was causing slowdown.
• Fixed bug in a 1x3 room where you could not fall through a specific platform.
• Fixed bug where game would sometimes crash when dying (again).
General fixes:
• Added error trapping to handle crashes when the DirectInput device was not being initialized properly.
• Fixed bug where deadzones were accidentally disabled from the last patch.
• Game no longer goes into screensaver mode while active.
Balance Changes:
• Lowered the cost of upgrading Haggle by a small amount.
• A few spelling fixes to make the Lich's abilities more clear.
Major Changes:
• Added support for DirectInput controllers (toggle-able from options screen).
• Alexander will now spawn higher level mobs on NG+ and above.
• All bosses now break Paladin secret move, not just the final boss.
• Fixed bug where controller hardware was being polled too often, resulting in significant lag for some systems.
General fixes:
• Optimization tweaks to rendering. People should find a small improvement to framerate.
• Typo fixes to profile card crit chance.
• Fix to game sometimes crashing during Alexander fight.
• Fixed bug where beating the game with Calypso's compass would crash the game.
• Fixed bug where architect fee could carry over to NG+
• Fixed bug with architect fee text overlap on NG+ bonus.
• Typo fixes in Journal, and Paladin, and Translocator spell description.
• Alexander boss floor and roof lowered to prevent him from going too low.
• Enemies that are split during timestop are now immune to timestop until it's reactivated (Feature).
• Enlarged projectile pool.
Balance Changes:
• Architect fee raised from 30% to 40%.
Major Changes:
• Fixed bug where the player could kill a boss and die at the same time.
• Fixed bug where game would crash when entering the lineage screen if the audio engine failed to initialize.
• Implemented another check for skill tree corruption.
• Fixed bug with back up save system if player data was corrupt from the very start.
• Fixed bug where back up save system didn't work properly on corrupted maps and map data.
General fixes:
• Message box will now appear if the game crashes.
• Fixed bug where crash logs were not being generated if the game crashed inside its constructor.
• Fixed bug where Paladins could block their own spells.
• Fixed exploit where player could drop through platforms while controls were locked.
• Fixed bug where impact effect resource pool ran out of resources.
• Fixed bug where Item drop Manager resource pool ran out of resources.
• Typo fixed for Death Defy.
Balance Changes:
• Shinobi can no longer get the timestop spell.
• Dragon fireball spam re-enabled.
• Knight Special drain rate tic raised from 3 to 6.
• Assassin Class spell initialization cost lowered from 10 to 5.
• Assassin Class spell tic rate raised from 5 to 7.
• Asassin mana pool lowered from 0.75 to 0.65.
• Barbarian Special raised from 15 to 20.
• Mage Int bonus lowered from 1.3 to 1.25.
General fixes:
• Fixed bug where game would occasionally crash when entering the castle.
• Fixed bug where people were getting the Rhabdophilia achievement at the start of the game (STEAM ONLY).
Major Changes:
• Back up saving Re-enabled. If the game fails to load properly, it will automatically attempt to load a back up save file.
• Game will announce an error if it fails to save your game 3 times in a row.
General fixes:
• Fixed bug where the game would crash on people who had set their OS language settings to Turkish.
• Numpad now configurable in key bindings list.
• Trait Tourettes changed to Coprolalia.
• Typo fix for Alektorophobia.
• Fixed exploit with invulnerable assassin.
• Fixed bug where saves no longer worked if you ran game with an argument passed in the command line.
• Fixed bug where Special class could lose their special spell when getting a new spell.
• Fixed Boss sfx not being adjusted by SFX volume settings.
• Fixed carnival exploit with special class.
• Fixed Final boss fight making player clip through wall during cutscene in special places.
• Fixed special class having no spell delay.
• Fixed exploit with Barbarian special destroying all targets in carnival room.
• Fixed bug where game would sometimes crash when exiting outside entrance.
• Dragon armor bug fix. Armor raised from 68 to 78.
• NG+ Difficulty raised slightly.
• NG++ Difficulty raised significantly.
• Down Strike Up text updated.
• Mage INT bonus reduced from 1.35x to 1.3x
• Fix 1x2 map with barrels letting player jump out of the world.
• Fix 2x3 map block spawn bug.
• Typo fixes in skill tree (assassin, miner, etc)
• Time stop mana drain tic rate raised from 7 to 8.
• Red teleporter random crash bug fixed.
• Fixed bug where Ice and Fire wizarsd projectiles would die in their hands if you ran into them.
• Dying death crash bug fixed.
• Fixed bug where game wouldn't load properly if Game Config was empty.
• Security check to make sure game doesn't crash on RunGameOver
• Fixed bug where potion up and downstrike up descriptions were not updating properly.
• Min mana and health capped at 1. You can no longer go into the negatives.
• Fixed bug where hazards could deal 0 in special circumstances.
• Fixed bug with projectiles sometimes being fired backwards.
• Fixed bug where equipping blood equipment would screw up HUD in blacksmoith screen.
• Fixed bug with last boss where you could take damage if you were in a bad position when you beat him.
• Fixed bug with last boss and time stop.
• Disabled all Class Skills in carnival room.
• Fixed bug with mana loss appearing if crowstorm was cast in an empty room.
• Dwarf holes removed in 2x2 room.
• Last boss now drops less mana potions.
Major Changes:
• Game should no longer require administrator access to run.
General fixes:
• Fixed bug to total time counter, if starting second playthrough immediately.
• 3+ playthroughs difficulty increased.
• Assassin buffed. Starting crit chance raised from 10% to 15%
• Fixed bug where chest room would sometimes cause game to crash.
• Removed accidental debug keys.
• Fire Shield mana cost raised from 5 to 6 per tick.
• Dementia earth wizards removed.
• Chest Elf reworked. Will only take a maximum of 25% gold now, and payout raised from 200% to 300%
• Factual error fixes for portrait rooms.
Major Changes:
• Audio mastered.
• New CDGSplash sfx.
• Fixed Compass bug exit room.
• Fixed bug where if Graphic Virtualization failed multiple times in a row, your BG and FG disappeared.
• Volume leveled.
General fixes:
• Added walk audo to remaning Knights and attenuation.
• Fixed special helm not being displayed on lineage or profile card.
• Fixed chests playing sfx twice.
• Fix to internal game timer. It now tracks your time correctly. This will only apply to files created in patch 1.08 or later.
• Chickens that exit roof of map now die instantly.
• Fixed bug where spell sword could spam empowered spell.
• Fixed bug where spellsword carried real sword in end.
• Disabled exiting end game credits until the very end.
• Fixed sky reveal at ending to fix black clouds and gray sky.
• Fixed las boss end frame not fading properly.
• Fixed Siphon on equipment not giving you siphon.
• Final boss has slightly more health, and deals SLIGHTLY more damage.
Major Changes:
• Fixed bug where alt-tabbing while text typing occrured would crash the game (graphics virtualization).
• Fixed Compass bug exit room.
• Fixed bug where if Graphic Virtualization failed multiple times in a row, your BG and FG disappeared.
General fixes:
• Fixed bug where last boss wasn't being tracked as killed.
• Fixed timer total display bug.
• Fixed Final boss HP not being at max at fight start.
• Final boss HP reduced slightly.
• Fixed bug with hiding/displaying manor closed manor on 360 controller.
• Fixed bug where hitting Skeleton archers removed their colouring.
• Fixed visual bug with randomize trait if you pressed it really quick.
• Last boss drops proper money now.
• Miniboss name fixes.
• Total playtime and deaths added to credit end.
• Fixed grammar for when you're killed by bosses with proper names.
• Typo fix for architect and siphon equipment.
Priority fix:
• Fixed bug where player would sometimes hook to 1 ways. This bug cropped up during our last emergency fix.
Major Changes:
• Final boss orb attack removed.
• Blob boss spike removed inbetween flooring gaps.
• Revamped ending screen. Fixed all bugs, rearranged enemies, and gave each enemy a plaque.
• Fairy Chest objective plate now fades if enemy or player touches it.
• helios blessing now drops 2 gold per kill.
• Tower Boss room has 2 less spikers in room.
• Boss rooms now drop 1 health and 1 mana.
• Maxxing MP on lich now displays a message.
General fixes:
• Final boss Sword spell increased from 7 to 8.
• Lich max hp reduced from 1.25 to 1.0.
• Lich max map raised from 1.25 to 2.0.
• Lich starting MP reduced from 0.65 to 0.5.
• Lich Mana start is now 0.5
• Console writelines removed.
• There are now 2 less spikers in the fireball room
• Spikers HP reduced to 5 across all forms.
• Damage shield mana drain reduced from 7 per tick to 5.
• Fireballs deal SLIGHTLY less damage.
• Tower boss deals slightly less damage and has slightly less health.
• Additional help hints added to death screen.
• Layer fix in a 1x3
• Earth wizards Blob boss level reduction increased from 11 to 12.
• Fixed wolves hitting bookcases.
• Fixed gigantism covering flight text.
• Fixed paladins getting auto hit after blocking if mana gets drained to 0.
• Fixed 1 pixel too short in credits bug.
• Fixed no look fairy chest distance being too far.
• Re-added fan of man text to lineage screen.
• Fixed bug where rerolling children was not updating the description plate.
• Fixed ending screen weird sfx playing.
• Fixed bug where visual effects were being applied to ending screen.
• Fixed movement display and speed bug.
• Fixed random teleporters putting you in weird places.
• Fixed colour on some enemies not correct.
• Fixed killed by text to properly set minibosses to singular.
• Fixed numerous bugs with savant where you could get spells like damage shield and never being able to turn them off.
• Fixed bug where quitting the game in the carnival room made the carnival room spell your spell.
• Fixed bug where you could swap spells as the archmage in carnival rooms.
• Fixed bug where last boss was still being ******* at the end.
• Fixed bug where alttabbing the ending screen removed the wallpaper.
• Added quick drop help text to options menu.
Bug Fixes:
• Fixed bug where, if your game was running at a certain frame rate, you had a % chance of falling through 1-ways.
Bug Fixes:
• Steam achievements now display a notification in the Steam overlay.
• New Collision logic fixes. Enemies and players should react to diagonals better.
• Fixed ending sequence.
• Fixed bug with mage miniboss spells not following hands.
• Added missing sfx to mage miniboss
• Architect bug fix. Rounding error.
• Exiting room of chest dude bug fix.
• Ending sequence camera start position bug fix
• Weight In smithy text realignment to fix overlap.
• Logic fix to player card.
• NG+ Text fix
• NG+ title fix.
• Typo fix for gay trait. A rogue "a" was implying things we didn't mean.
• Enchantress missing sfx fix.
• Smoke re-added to tower.
• Credits update.
• Audio attenuation fix.
• Fix to rot angles.
• Ending sequence changed.
• Special class end fix.
• MB portrait tell removed.
• Miner lamp bug fix.
• Cleaning of death screen.
• Additional sfx added.
• Fixed achievements not popping up.
• Fixed horse run into dwarf holes bug.
• Added sfx to health fountain.
• Fixed boss smoke at the ending screen.
• Gold saved for NG+ at start bug fix.
• Fixed projectile dissapearance bug fix.
• Fix tiomestopCB bug.
• Fixed audio eyeball and skeleton bug.
• Text update to Poition_Up to better showcase it works for mana and health.
Balance Tweaks:
• Mage magic damage reduced from 1.5 to 1.35.
• Lich atk damage mod raised from 0.6 to 0.75.
• Lich max hp and mp conversion reduced from 2.0 to 1.25.
• Lich now gains a flat 4 hp per kill as opposed to 3/6 based off enemy level.
• Lich starting mp raised from 0.7 to 0.75.

Особенности RePack'а

• за основу взята лицензия от Cellar Door Games
• ничего не вырезано / не перекодировано
• версия игры: 1.0.12c
• любительский русификатор текста (v.1.0)
• время установки: 2 минуты
RePack by Lonely One (R.G. Games)

Любительский русификатор текста

Авторы: Бaton, parabashka, AndruMouse, Upachko, Lord_Draconis, siemens, Oblitus, grassy, Dzirg, jaiton, sprayer

Порядок установки

• запустить setup.exe
• установить игру, следуя указаниям инсталлятора


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