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Статистика раздачи
В Тылу Врага: Штурм 2- - Год выхода: 2014
Жанр: War, RTS, Tactics
Разработчик/Издательство: Digitalmindsoft / Softclub
Язык интерфейса: Русский
Язык озвучки: Русский
Тип издания: RePack
Таблетка: Вшита (HI2U / RELOADED)- - Операционная система: Microsoft® Windows® 7 / 8
Процессор: Intel® Core™ i3 2.66 GHz
Оперативная память: 2048 Mb
Звуковая плата: Аудиокарта, совместимая с DirectX® 9.0с
Графический ускоритель: 1024 Mb, OpenGL 2.4
Свободное место на HDD: 6 Gb- -В тылу врага 2: Штурм — Продолжение знаменитой стратегии. Вас ждут новые режимы одиночной игры, в которых вам предстоит принять участие в разнообразных военных операциях – от грандиозных танковых сражений до скрытных снайперских диверсий. В мультиплеере вы сможете помериться силами с соперниками на новых многопользовательских картах форматов от «1 на 1» до «4 на 4». А новый командный режим для 16 участников («8 на 8») позволит испытать свое мастерство в масштабных и зрелищных сражениях на огромных, детально проработанных картах. Кроме того, доступны новые виды камуфляжа, варьирующиеся в зависимости от времени года и типа ландшафта на поле боя.-

Update v3.201.0

ЦитатаКто-то писал:Patch 23
• Added DX11 support
• Added Unicode support
• Added depth of field
• Added soft particles
• Added HDR glow
• Added a button for single player menu to play a skirmish with bots
• Added color overlay/shading
• Added a message to the console when a player leaves
• Added material glow strength setting
• Added Rim Light video option
• Added Rim Light to units only
• Added new zlib and reworked zip stream implementation
• Added the ability to change video adapter through options menu
• Added multiple window support for vehicles
• Added extended debugging info on error messages
• Added new splash and main window style switch
• Added load map.info for coop missions
• Added separator to lobby chat context menu
• Added warnings on fsm state change errors
• Added background to multiplayer game hint
• Added separator to session context menu
• Added unit name in hints
• Added some api methods for bots
• Added range support for movement order
• Added smiley menu
• Added debug info when bots capture flags
• Added new Bitmap Font Generator bin file format with Unicode characters support
• Added graphic options presets support (please use it before playing with new patch for better performance)
• Added advanced debugging
• Added right mouse menus for players in session slots
• Added the inactivity_timeout changeable though the gamemode .set files
• Added version change detection
• Changed distance filter value storable
• Changed AI vehicles must stop driving on enemy contact and only continue to drive if enemy is out of range or no enemy visible
• Changed caching for steam clan chat users/messages
• Changed flag points now flash when they are being captured or lost
• Changed XP calculation to add extra 25XP if user score is above 5
• Changed split inform range parameter
• Changed grenade avoid logic
• Changed units now re-equip their last item after healing themselves, repairing or placing a mine
• Changed maximum sound file played instances is now 10
• Changed sound anti-reverb cutoff is now 20 ms
• Changed enabled XP and unit lock in LAN games
• Changed game sync manager so that it saves snapshots for more precise state managing
• Changed disappearing parts use dithered transparency
• Changed healthbars, silhouettes, squad icons and damage messages to be disabled when the scenario camera is running
• Improved debugging trackers
• Improved Steam voice chat
• Improved specular settings
• Improved code dealing with version numbers
• Improved mod apply and game startup speed
• Removed common texture MIP auto-generation and DXT compression
• Removed the manual input reset on collision
• Removed multiple frame/animated bitmap atlasing
• Reworked profiles and options
• Fixed always center "restore changed resolution" dialog.
• Fixed compare statistics display
• Fixed report messages not using PushSystemMessage
• Fixed crash during autojoin to unknown map
• Fixed crash when trying execute unknown actor action
• Fixed not initialized field in session client
• Fixed crash on Host Game when one of game modes does not have assigned maps
• Fixed view-space z reconstruction setup
• Fixed if you create new map, map borders are not adjusted to the map size
• Fixed mirrored normalmap support
• Fixed grass update on fog of war state change
• Fixed silhouette rendering for units behind the vehicle windows
• Fixed that event log was still visible in menu
• Fixed crash on game launch
• Fixed mesh group update on silhouetted objects
• Fixed mismatched allocation/deallocation in mesh
• Fixed incorrect winner in cooperative
• Fixed not initialized dialog position
• Fixed halo occlusion by alpha-tested geometry
• Fixed halo occlusion by player's units (when silhouettes are on)
• Fixed access violation when no messages available
• Fixed crash on game shutdown
• Fixed out of sync on light creation
• Fixed possible out of sync source on repair order start
• Fixed chat button not being disabled for spectators
• Fixed incorrect networking packet size calculation
• Fixed crash on steam profile synchronization
• Fixed that sessions info button if game versions mismatched wasn't disabled (could lead to crash)
• Fixed incorrect toWide with large input data
• Fixed that vehicles got damaged while driving through objects
• Fixed that the spamfilter was active in session chats
• Fixed window size calculation
• Fixed removed redundant render reinitialization during game startup
• Fixed scene fader size
• Fixed do not try scan old replays
• Fixed sorting order in chat
• Fixed memory leaks on postprocess render layers
• Fixed crash with inactive combobox
• Fixed crash with invalid shadow type
• Fixed preview render during savegame
• Fixed crash on concurrent resource file access
• Fixed crash in minimap control
• Fixed incorrect square math for degenerate triangles
• Fixed invalid file type
• Fixed incorrectly initialized structure
• Fixed particle generator being reset when have active particles
• Fixed delete empty files after syncing if I/O operation failed
• Fixed for copying entities with boarder animation in editor
• Fixed do not ping client with different game version
• Fixed game sometimes freeze on minidump creation
• Fixed workshop downloading (xx.x%) wasn't displayed correctly
• Fixed possible division by zero bug in CrewAbility
• Fixed actor panel not updated properly
• Fixed mod maxGameVersion check
• Fixed window position not saved properly
• Fixed set texture quality before scene load
• Fixed textures not reloaded on video profile change
• Fixed a bug that causes a crash if you are in the ranked leaderboards

Особенности Игры

- Улучшенная поддержка многоядерных процессоров, улучшенная шейдерная технология.
- Переработанный интерфейс – добавлена статистика уничтоженных боевых единиц и значок информации об отряде.
- Новый интерфейс для многопользовательской игры.
- Усовершенствованный искусственный интеллект.
- Новое графическое воплощение предметов в инвентаре, переработанные модели транспортных средств.

Особенности RePack

Основное Установи и играй!
За основу взята лицензия Steam ver 3.201.0 | Complete Edition (ID: 244450)
EN/RU Инсталлер
Запуск игры с рабочего стола
Качество аудио 100%
Качество видео 100%ДополненияMen of War: Assault Squad 2 - Airborne
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Deluxe Edition upgrade
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Iron FistПрочее-::Релиз от SpaceX::


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