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Статистика раздачи
FolderSizes Enterprise 8.0.102 [En] - Версия программы: 8.0.102
Язык интерфейса: Английский, Украинский (после локализации)
Лечение: в комплекте
Тип лекарства: кейген
Системные требования:
Windows 10, Windows 8/8,1, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, and Server 2012
С помощью программы FolderSizes вы сможете определить количество свободного места на жестком диске. FolderSizes предоставляет подробную информацию о размере папок и файлов по каждому разделу жесткого диска. Кроме этого, программа использует диаграммы для наглядности. Используя данный программный продукт, вы сможете найти файлы, удаление которых позволит освободить свободное место и, в то же время, не повлияет на работоспособность операционной системы.

Дополнительная информация:

  • Иерархическая структура отображения данных (на основе технологии TreeMap
  • Интегрированный планировщик заданий
  • Быстрая, многопоточная проверка файловой системы
  • Обзор использования дискового пространства по типу файлов и атрибутам
  • Обзор сети и дискового пространства по владельцу и группе
  • Поддержка командной строки
  • Экспорт отчетов в HTML, XML, CSV и т.д.
  • Интеграция в контекстное меню оболочки Windows
  • Просмотр общего и свободного пространства для стационарных, съемных и сетевых дисков
  • Экспорт диаграмм в файлы JPEG, PNG, BMP или TIFF;
  • Система создания отчетов по типам файлов, которые занимают больше всего места.

Особенности версий 8.х.х:

(версия: 8.0.102. Реализовано 8 января 2016 года)
Bug fix: Various fixes for application themes.
Bug fix: Additional bug fixes and improvements.
Bug fix: Fixed potential crash regression introduced in 8.0.101.
(версия: 8.0.91. Реализовано 5 января 2016 года)
Feature: Added official support for Windows 10.
Feature: Significant performance improvements when generating Folder Reports (especially against network file systems).
Feature: Significant performance improvements when generating Snapshots (especially against network file systems).
Feature: Significant performance improvements when generating File Reports (especially against network file systems).
Feature: Significant performance improvements when importing trend analyzer data on multi-core computers (especially from network file systems).
Feature: All new set of windows, dialog, and ribbon bar themes with green, black, red, and blue accents.
Feature: All detail reports now support multi-column sorting (hold the shift key and click multiple column headers in sequence).
Feature: Search tool can now locate folders based upon the number of files and/or folders that they contain.
Feature: Search tool and File Report windows now offer file processing capabilities, including copy, move, delete, and archive functions.
Feature: Improved colorization of the treemap file system visualization helps to differentiate children of the current view root.
Feature: Added an option to widen the folder bar graph label area, thus increasing object name visibility.
Feature: Folder bar graph now uses right-aligned labels by default (can be toggled in Graph tab of ribbon bar).
Feature: Scan filtering and search have been simplified via removal of the "Include all files" and "Include all folders" switches (this behavior is now deduced automatically).
Feature: The scheduler (and cmd line) can now automatically purge old report files from the output folder(s) associated with a scheduled task.
Feature: When exporting data to XML, date/time values are now represented in standards-compliant ISO 8601 format (UTC).
Feature: The duplicate file report presentation has been completely re-designed so that master/detail interaction is no longer required.
Feature: The duplicate file report can now be printed directly from within FolderSizes (no longer necessary to export and print externally).
Feature: Added duplicate file report options for ignoring special and numeric characters when comparing file names.
Feature: The duplicate file report now honors the current report layout when exporting to file formats intended for human consumption (HTML, PDF, etc.).
Feature: File report detail views now offer superior header column customization support that is retained between uses.
Feature: Many file reports now provide a default sort column (where it makes sense to do so).
Feature: Largest, oldest, newest, temporary, and duplicate file reports now expose attribute, depth, and file type columns (hidden by default).
Feature: Search tool can now find folders based upon their (immediate or aggregate) file/folder count.
Feature: Search results list now offers immediate file and folder count columns (hidden by default).
Feature: Added multiple new scan filter samples that can used to limit results by file owner, file creation time, and more.
Feature: File report navigation has been improved and simplified, with graph views now shows as child tabs where applicable.
Feature: File report detail views now offer improved column selection, tooltips, theme support, and layout.
Feature: You can now enter environment variables (e.g. "%TMP%") in place of scan paths anywhere that manual path entry is permitted.
Feature: You can now search for folders by their calculated modified, accessed, or created date/time stamp.
Feature: Search results report now offers optional (hidden by default) "Modified (calculated)", "Accessed (calculated)", and "Created (calculated)" columns.
Feature: Search result detail view now offers enhanced theme support, improved tooltips, and improved column configuration options.
Feature: Added "from address" validation to the email section of the options window (validation occurs during testing).
Feature: Trend analyzer detail reports can now be exported in XML and PDF file formats (in addition to existing format options).
Feature: File report owner lookup options have been combined into a single, master lookup switch.
Feature: Temporary file report default file matching mask has been extended to include partial downloads, .temp files, and more.
Feature: Trend analyzer detail report exports now match on-screen report layout when exporting to file formats intended for human consumption (HTML, PDF, etc.).
Feature: Added an option (on by default) to shorten pie graph labels when showing file or folder names.
Feature: Excel export improvements to column auto-sizing logic as well as minor compatibility enhancements.
Feature: Disk history detail view dialog now includes the drive label in the graph content.
Feature: Disk reporter now includes a history graph that shows trend lines for all volumes included in the report.
Feature: Disk reporter trend reporting mechanism now shows absolute change in used space (in addition to existing percentage change).
Feature: When scheduling a disk report with the task scheduler, you can now elect to export the disk history graph image.
Feature: Disk report export data is now more consistent across file types and exposes normal, percentage, and byte values in separate columns.
Feature: Trend analyzer graphs now have titles, making them easier to identify when exported as image files.
Feature: Trend analyzer subfolder change report now exposes starting and ending file/folder counts (folder count columns are hidden by default).
Feature: Trend analyzer now allows users to view files/folders associated with any snapshot/directory combination (when using .fssx files as a data source).
Feature: Trend analyzer subfolder change report now allows display of starting/ending snapshot files/folders (when using .fssx files as a data source).
Feature: Trend analyzer is no longer limited to a single instance across multiple FolderSizes processes.
Feature: My Computer view now displays actual drive icons, extracted from the Windows shell.
Feature: Folder reports, file reports, and snapshot generation now show a "files per second" performance metric during file system scans.
Feature: Improved item deletion sequencing in the file report range and file type group editors.
Feature: Folder report graph views now retain high/low sorting regardless of detail view sorting or active display mode.
Feature: Duplicate file report export to Excel now includes size and allocated size expressed in raw bytes.
Feature: Largest Files banding graph now shows file names when space is available; report item indices are no longer used.
Feature: Improved shell icon extraction and caching mechanisms make for smoother, faster report displays.
Feature: Added an environmental varaible path chooser tool that is accessible from all path management locations.
Feature: Environment variables are now expanded when processing the (non-regex) name masks (and the owner match pattern) of search and scan filter rules.
Feature: Default folder report column orders have been altered for improved discoverability.
Feature: Folder report export includes additional size-in-bytes values when exporting to Excel, CSV, and XML.
Feature: Windows shell Libraries can now be selected in the Folder Browser docking panel, which will cause FolderSizes to analyze all associated physical paths.
Feature: Any report export that exposes a "size (bytes)" column now also exposes an "allocated (bytes)" (e.g. size on disk) column.
Feature: Exporting duplicate file report to MS Excel now includes a "flat" (non-grouped) render in an adjacent worksheet.
Feature: Scroll position, row selection, and row focus are all now retained between automatic refreshes of the main window folder detail view.
Feature: Improved sorting of search results to separate folders and folders in a manner similar to the folder report and Windows Explorer.
Feature: When the main window View|Sort function is used to sort the current folder report, the associated column is made visible if necessary.
Feature: The "Find empty folders" search sample has been improved to use contained file/folder count (rather than cumulative folder size) for reporting.
Feature: Added two new search job samples - one for finding folders with many files, and another for finding recently created document files.
Feature: Added a terabyte (TB) file size size display option to the File Sizes selector of the main window View tab.
Feature: Added new "/searchpath" command line argument for overriding the paths of a search job file (useful for scripting, etc.).
Feature: Excel detail report exports now include date and times in the headers (and page number in the footers) during printing.
Feature: Improved XML element name normalization when exporting XML data directly from a detail list view.
Feature: Folder report "% parent" and "avg. file size" columns now honor the graph view allocated mode switch.
Feature: Folder map highlighting now supports custom filtering via file/folder count and includes an additional preset.
Feature: XML folder data file layout has been improved to reduce overall output file size (significantly).
Feature: The XML style sheet has been updated to match new folder data file layout (styling was improved as well).
Feature: The detail report context menu can now show properties for multiple selected file system objects (rather than just the first one).
Feature: Product installer now offers the ability to choose whether the Windows shell context menu extension is included.
Feature: The Windows shell context menu extension was updated to include the "file depths" report.
Feature: The Windows shell context menu extension can now be used against multiple selected folder objects at once.
Feature: Interactions with disk space history database are now roughly twice as fast as previous releases.
Feature: Regular expression support has been extended, and now supports the ECMAScript (JavaScript) expression grammar.
Feature: FilterZip regular expression presets have been updated for ECMAScript compliance and extended.
Feature: Computer view tooltips now show volume paths (GUIDs) and also lists any additional mount points for the volume.
Feature: When creating a new trend analysis, users can now constrain the scope of the data import to a specific number of days.
Feature: Added a minimize button to the general (file report, snapshot, etc.) progress window that minimizes the application.
Feature: Added status bar to scan filtering configuration dialog to help clarify current feature engagement.
Feature: Improved handling and management of tasks (including orphaned tasks) via the integrated task scheduler tool.
Feature: Improved event logging during FilterZip operations and a new button for viewing events (shown in the progress window).
Feature: FilterZip tool now produces zip files with Unicode extension support.
Feature: Various improvements to disk history storage mechanisms to improve performance and provide better process instance isolation.
Feature: The performance of some text-based export operations (such as CSV and HTML) have been improved considerably (up to 3x faster).
Feature: The disk history database has been re-located to an unversioned file system location so that it isn't lost after major version upgrades.
Feature: The File Report range editor dialog now provides min/max value edit controls with embedded calculator buttons.
Feature: The File Dates file report can now switch between showing modified, created, and accessed date/time stamps without needing a rescan.
Feature: The File Names file report can now switch between showing file name and full path lengths without needing a rescan.
Feature: The File Sizes file report can now switch between showing file sizes or allocated sizes without needing a rescan.
Feature: FilterZip dialog window can now be resized horizontally, with size and position now retained between uses.
Feature: Improved layout and theming for extension database browser dialog.
Bug fix: Resolved crash that could occur on x64 systems when drilling into a file system node via the main window pie graph view.
Bug fix: Searching of snapshot files would incorrectly attempt file owner resolution (ownership should only be shown when contained by the snapshot).
Bug fix: Searching a snapshot file with the "include all folders" option engaged didn't work unless the "search subfolders" option was also engaged.
Bug fix: Changing the "set allocated size of offline files" scanning option didn't enable/disable the adjacent drop-down box immediately.
Bug fix: Specific file report toolbar shortcut keys were not working as expected.
Bug fix: Resetting the temp file report file name mask field to its default values did not take effect immediately.
Bug fix: Option to suppress folder report pie graph labels was not being applied.
Bug fix: File types report graph view was not showing the extension part of the label.
Bug fix: Changed search dialog samples toolbar button hotkey to avoid conflict with "select all" CTRL+A key combination.
Bug fix: Search dialog file size totals (shown in status bar) were displayed incorrectly.
Bug fix: When searching for file system objects by name, commas in the name mask were being interpreted incorrectly.
Bug fix: Update check notification pop-up couldn't be closed while a modal dialog was on screen.
Bug fix: The docking drive space panel would not show drives with duplicate volume serial numbers.
Bug fix: Fixed crash that could occur when refreshing a multi-path folder analysis from the main window.
Bug fix: Fixed crash that occurred when removing all elements via the file report range editor.
Bug fix: Resolved a number of bugs relating to the display of folder report graphs when using the allocated space display option.
Bug fix: File report graphs were not honoring master graph tooltip display option.
Bug fix: The used and free disk space columns were reversed on the network share share selection dialog.
Bug fix: Sorting from the header context popup menu of the main window folder view didn't work.
Bug fix: NTFS compression option was not being applied to certain qualified export file types.
Bug fix: Applying "best fit" to a single folder detail report column (from context menu) was not working.
Bug fix: Reparse point folders may now be reported in search results even when configured not to follow them.
Bug fix: Corrected the fidelity and transparency of toolbar images in the search window (noticable when using dark theme).
Bug fix: Triggering snapshot creation from the FolderSizes shell context menu extension was not populating the snapshot path correctly.
Bug fix: Starting a new trend analysis with an existing tree node selected could potentially cause a crash.
Bug fix: Trend analyzer window could be slow to launch initially in some environments.
Bug fix: File system object ownership lookup could fail for extremely long paths.
Bug fix: Ribbon bar groups now show representative icons when collapsed through user resizing action.
Bug fix: Fixed a rare NTFS reparse point traversal bug that could prevent certain linkages from being followed.
Bug fix: Fixed bug in the "open with" file open fallback logic introduced in v7.1.
Bug fix: FilterZip was not correctly honoring the user reparse point traversal preference.
Bug fix: FilterZip dialog was not correctly restoring all UI configuration elements from saved default job.
Bug fix: Fixed auto-hidden docking panel redraw problems in main window and trend analyzer dialog.
Bug fix: Some child dialog were loading incorrect icon size, causing them to appear less sharp.

Лечение и локализация:

Порядок "лечения" и установки украинизатора значения не имеет.
Для локализации необходимо запустить украинизатор [fs80102x64ukr.kopejkin.exe].
Украинизатор выполнен в виде удобного пошагового инсталлятора.

Для регистрации программы необходимо:
  • Запустить генератор серийных номеров [keygen.exe],
    выбрать в поле "Products" программу FolderSizes,
    скопировать из поля "License Key" ключ;

  • Запустить программу FolderSizes, открыть окно регистрации
    [в локализованной программе: Довідка -> Реєстрація]
    и вставить сгенерированный ключ в соответствующее поле;

  • Нажать "ОК";

    и еще раз "ОК".

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