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Статистика раздачи
FreeWay Pro 7.1.2- Тип издания: OS X Software
Релиз состоялся: 12 февраля 2016
Поддерживаемая ОС: 10.6.8+
Разработчик: Softpress
Официальный сайт: ссылка
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лечение: в комплекте
Тип лекарства: готовый серийник
Системные требования:
OS X 10.6.8 или более новая
Freeway - это визуальный редактор Web страниц который позволяет пользователям создавать веб сайты без написания кода, что делает этот инструмет идеальным для дизайнеров и опытных пользователей, а не для программистов. Он использует модельное представление в стиле настольных издательских систем, создавая весь сайт в одном документе.
Freeway (первоначально Uniqorn) поставляется в двух вариантах, Freeway Pro и Freeway Express. Freeway Pro может быть использована для создания CSS макетов с использованием абсолютного позиционирования. В расширенным варианте, например, подключение к базе данных MySQL, используя скриптовый язык, такой как PHP, производится с помощью подключаемых модулей называемый “Actions”. Некоторые Actions могут быть загружены бесплатно на нескольких веб-сайтах, но есть и коммерческие, такие как 3rd Party Actions.

Что нового:

February 12th, 2016
Fixed a vulnerability in the Sparkle auto-updater.


New in version 7.1.1 (August 8th, 2015)
Inflow tables can be wider than their parent boxes
The (graphic) font menu in the Inspector palette works again
Percentage widths don't change to pixel widths when typing a long word


New in version 7.1.0 (July 8th, 2015)
Support for media-aware text styles
Size option for background images
Added Command-R shortcut for Refresh in Freeway's internal Preview
Eolas workaround defaults to off for newly imported content
SVGs can be output as native web graphics instead of plug-in content
Freeway doesn't crash after using keyboard entry in an Edit Styles popup or combo box
Freeway doesn't crash when importing HTML that contains a Menu/List
Graphic Preview doesn't crash with non-passthrough SVG graphics
Fixed a crash that occurred when undoing after switching to a master page
Fixed a crash that occurred when undoing after deleting an inflow block item before another inflow block item
Fixed a crash that could occur after deleting a labelled item
Fixed a crash that occurred when closing document after dragging master on to page
Freeway doesn't crash if you apply a colour label in the Link Map view
Fixed a crash that could occur when a background image is unexpectedly missing from a media background
Freeway doesn't hang when calculating how to lay out floated items in an undefined-height item with padding
Fixed a crash that could occur after importing an image as a pass-through graphic and undoing
Fixed a crash that could occur when drawing shadowed text
Freeway doesn't crash after importing styles with shadow colours
Freeway doesn't hang or grow items to maximum height when applying a graphic effect to flexible-width items
Freeway doesn't hang when clear is set on a floated item following a zero-width floated item
Fixed a crash that could occur when undoing an Edit Styles change
Fixed a crash that could occur when an inflow pass-through graphic has a master (non-graphic) HTML item
Fixed issues that could cause Freeway to crash if an instance page is opened in a second window while a master page is being edited
Prevented a situation in which Freeway could crash after a carriage return is deleted before an inflow HTML item
Freeway doesn't crash if more than 255 characters are pasted into the tag style field
Fixed a crash that could occur when opening a file with a bad background image
Fixed a "file not found" issue that could occur when publishing
Fixed a "file not found" problem that affected publishing when graphics were set to not be published
Text decoration is output correctly for link styles
Inflow items that were previously right-aligned non-inflow items don't output double widths
Graphic effects are output for pass-through graphics
Pass-through images with graphic-effect borders are output correctly
Extended attributes are output for markup and Action items
The Publish (Resource) checkbox is respected when pass-through or inline resources are published
Fixed a problem that caused an unwanted span to be added to inflow markup items on a master page
Email addresses are encoded when the address isn't preceded by a space
Stylesheets are republished after a style has been edited
Fixed an issue that could cause images to be missing after publishing from a master page
Pages are HTML-dirtied when references to deleted anchors or pages are removed
Duplicating an inflow graphic HTML-dirties the page
Fixed a problem that caused pages to be dirtied on preview when IE6 compatibility was selected
Searching and replacing dirties pages so they are republished correctly
Edit URLs dirties pages so they are republished correctly
Instance pages are dirtied when the master-page name is changed via the Site panel
Fixed a situation in which inflow items are wrongly positioned too far below a floated item
Parent flexible-width items with available-width children are resized correctly
Form elements can have 100% width
SVGs without a width and height are displayed correctly within Freeway
Site pages are updated when Paste Markup is used on a master page
Fixed a page selection issue after dragging a page into a new document and undo/redoing
Freeway recalculates children of Available-width items correctly
Corner mounts aren't drawn in wrong place after clearing a media type
Max-width doesn't get reset when the dimensions of an item are changed
Layer items with top/bottom insets are correctly positioned after a size calculation
Table cell/row heights can be set reliably
Prevented inflow items from being increased to more than 100% width
Page bounds are updated correctly after deleting a media type that isn't currently displayed
Boxes don't shrink to zero when external HTML content is imported
Item constraining works for an inflow item with auto margins
Percentage-width parents are constrained to inflow content
Freeway updates page dimensions when a page is constrained
Percentage max-width parents are constrained to inflow content
Percentage min-width parents are constrained to inflow content
Pass-through graphics with percentage widths don't shrink to zero height when pasted as inflows
Percentage widths/heights aren't converted to pixel values when an item is pasted as an inflow item
Freeway adjusts percentage-sized items correctly when they are pasted as inflow items
Flexible-width items don't cause parents to grow when padding, borders, or margins are added
Available/max-width items don't grow or shrink when padding is added or removed
Parent flexible-width items are resized to fit child flexible-width items
Clear works properly on a non-floated item following a zero-width floated item
Typing in flexible-width right-floated item doesn't grow the item outside the page bounds
Graphic effects don't shrink vertically when output on a pass-through graphic with undefined height
Graphic effects don't collapse horizontally when output on a pass-through graphic with undefined width
Freeway redraws boxes properly when text is deleted from a flexible-width item
Decreasing the width of a sliced HTML item doesn't leave a gap between the right edge and layer child items
SVG graphics are displayed at scaled sizes in Freeway
Graphic effects applied to HTML items with padding don't cause the item's height to grow
Fixed a situation in which inflow items are wrongly overflowed after a floated item
Instance pages are redrawn correctly after moving an item on a master page with two windows open
Items are constrained correctly when they contain an available-width child inflow with padding or margin
Freeway doesn't add an extra carriage return after deleting an inflow item and undo/redo/undoing
Inflow items with Display turned off do not affect the layout of parent items with undefined height
Display is turned back on when a CSS item is converted to a table-positioned item
Inflow items with Display turned off don't affect the layout of parent items with undefined width
The Clear setting of inflow items with Display turned off doesn't affect layout
Freeway deals correctly with layouts in which the first item is floated right and second is floated left
Freeway grows parent items when an available-width child has been grown
Form items with defined widths don't change size when they are pasted
Items that contain floated graphics don't overflow when their width is shrunk
Clicking in an empty flexible-width item with a graphic effect doesn't increase the height to its maximum value
Fixed an issue that could cause instances of master items to have bogus percentage heights
Freeway's Internal Preview doesn't display a blank page when a document contains Flash content
Freeway doesn't display publish problem dialogs when switching between media in Preview mode
Fixed a problem that caused Freeway's internal preview to be blank on an external monitor
Refreshing Freeway's internal Preview also empties the WebKit cache
Updated a number of keyboard shortcuts in non-English localizations
Font features work correctly after a font change
1px rules are displayed correctly
Fixed a situation where Freeway could fail to draw text shadows for the first word in a paragraph
Fixed a situation where text shadows were being clipped
Freeway doesn't miscalculate the width of the last line of a paragraph
Text in tables that are outside their parent can be edited
Freeway displays a progress bar that can be stopped when importing HTML
Fixed a problem that made it impossible to locate non-graphic media in the Edit Resources dialog
Fixed a problem that caused the Flash fallback option to stop working in the Video Extras Action
Submenus no longer overlap main menus when the CSS Menus Action is set to display submenus on the left
The submenu custom border interface in the CSS Menus Action now displays correctly
A CSS Menus Action JavaScript error no longer appears when publishing from breakpoints
Fixed an issue that could cause text sizes to be wrong when using the Auto-populate option in the CSS Menus
Auto-populated CSS Menus now show styling in live preview
Fixed an issue that could cause submenu borders to display incorrectly in the CSS Menus Action
The Auto-populate option of the CSS Menus no longer automatically capitalizes menu items
Pages no longer scroll to the top when CSS Menus are activated in responsive mode
Prevented an error from occurring when CSS Menus Action items are overflowed
Fixed an issue that prevented multiple CSS Menus Actions from working on the same page
Keyboard entry works in menus
"Distribute" is spelled correctly in the Distribute dialog
The Edit Resources Delete button deletes background images
Table contents are redrawn correctly after a table has been moved
Actions aren't wrongly removed from inflow items that are based on master items
The Range popup in the Find dialog doesn't overlap with the text field below it
Fixed an issue where the media blob would be displayed in the Default tab after deleting a media type
The media blob is removed after clearing a media type
Media tabs are updated immediately when a media width is changed
Prevented a bogus warning from Edit Media Types about used media types being deleted
Edit Resources lists background images that are not used by the current media
Fixed a problem that prevented Publish Graphic and other settings from being changed for missing graphics
The Edit Styles dialog doesn't keep reverting to show CSS and Graphic properties
The Site Panel displays links and alt text correctly when items are closed in the Item view
Freeway displays background images correctly when Background Scrolls is turned off
Fixed a situation in which pages were not redrawn properly after deleting media
Fixed a situation in which instance items mistakenly reverted to master settings
Save Archive saves files that are not used by the current media
The Actions palette displays rollover states of inflow items correctly after switching media views
Document Info lists background images that are not used by the current media
Edit Resources marks a document as changed when an image is deleted
Media background images are updated correctly
Style background images that have been changed are marked as modified
Inner glow and inner shadow graphic effects are removed when a graphic is reimported as a pass-through
Inflow instance items don't revert to master settings when Show Links has been selected
Child graphic content isn't lost when a master parent is deleted
Alternative sources for Audio/Video content are listed in Edit Resources and checked before publishing
Fixed a situation in which the Text Opacity dialog displayed an infinity symbol
Freeway automatically locates missing background images when another image is located in the same folder
Editing extended style attributes can be undone
Fixed a problem that prevented Freeway from saving templates and archives with Action graphics
The Display option is available for combined graphics
Display is turned back on when a graphic item is dragged into a combined graphic
Fixed a problem that prevented Action files from being referenced correctly in templates and archives
Fixed a problem that caused "Use master settings" to become unchecked
Duplicating an inflow item doesn't remove Clear settings
Freeway allows percentage values to be changed in .01 increments
The Modify Graphic dialog works properly when it is called from Edit Resources

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