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Статистика раздачи
BBEdit 11.5.1 (3874) - Тип издания: OS X Software
Релиз состоялся: 09.03.2016
Поддерживаемая ОС: OS X 10.9.5 +
Разработчик: Bare Bones Software, Inc.
Официальный сайт: ссылка
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Лечение: не требуется (инсталлятор уже пролечен)
Системные требования:
• Intel, 64-bit processor
• Mac OS X 10.9.5 or later (compatible with OS X 10.11 "El Capitan")

BBEdit - популярный текстовый и HTML редактор. Эта программа специально разработана для удобного редактирования текста, поиска, трансформации, создания HTML-тегов, написания и правки кода программ в различных языках программирования. BBEdit создан непосредственно для программистов и разработчиков, то есть для людей, которым приходится иметь дело с кодами программ и скриптов. Приложение интегрируется во многие билдеры, например, Apple Xcode, CodeWarrior, MPW, и Perl.
Bedit - довольно навороченный редактор текстов/программного кода, понимает синтаксис таких языков как: HTML, PHP, C++, XML, Java, Perl и многие другие. Програма обладает огромным функционалом, из необычных функций стоит отметить возможность улучшения читабельности текста/программного кода, а так же оптимизация кода. Может работать с несколькими документами одновременно.

Дополнительная информация:

Может работать с файлами напрямую через FTP/SFTP, встроенный интерпретатор позволяет запускать скрипты и выдавать результат их работы во встроенном браузере или терминале. Встроенный конвертер позволяет конвертировать текст не только в различные кодировки, но и в другие системы счисления. Очень мощный поиск. Реализована система расстановки закладок по ходу текста.
Одна из главных достоинств приложения — это распознание и подсветка синтаксиса большого количества разнообразных языков программирования. BBEdit умеет по синтаксису распознавать начало и окончание функций, тегов, по ним вести навигацию в файле из меню программы. Есть возможность получить доступ ко всем другим документам, к которым ведется обращение в начальном документе.

Что нового в версии:

• Added support for HSL notation in color schemes. hsl(h, s, l) and hsla(h, s, l, a) are now supported, while the legacy formats are still allowed for compatibility with existing color schemes. This makes it easier to write color schemes by hand where desired. Colors in color schemes can now be specified using rgba(), hsl(), hsla(), hex(nnn), hex(nnnnnn), and CSS #nnn/#nnnnnn notations. The alpha channel in rgba and hsla is not currently used.
• Made changes to increase contrast and visibility of selected and sub-line differences, as follows:
• Only the selected top-level difference is colored using the Differences color when selected; all others are colored using a subtle gray shade.
• When a difference containing sub-line differences is selected, all of the sub-line differences are colored using a darkened (or lightened, for dark color schemes) version of the Differences color.
• When a specific sub-line difference is selected, it is colored using a darkened (or lightened, for dark color schemes) version of the Differences color. The surrounding difference range is colored using a subtle gray shade. None of the other sub-line differences are colored when a specific sub-line difference is selected.
• Made a change to instruct PCRE to use Unicode properties when determining character class, so that patterns with \w and others will work correctly with non-ASCII characters.
• Fixed a bug in which making the sidebar of a new editing window visible, either manually or by adding another document to the window, would cause odd graphic effects when scrolling in some situations.
• Fixed bug in which paragraph tags did not get fold indicators.
• Updated the search keyword tables to include new or changed preference settings.
• Made a change to provide finer-grained control over the Spaces behavior of the modeless windows (Find, Multi-File Search, Open File by Name) and returned FTP/SFTP browser window behavior in Spaces to pre-11.5 defaults.
• Added an expert preference, PCREMatchLimitOverride, to be used only on the instructions of Tech Support to adjust an internal circuit breaker in the PCRE library.
• We no longer ask the active printer for its output resolution when calculating margin offsets for the "1-inch gutter" option, since printer drivers never return the correct answer.
• Fixed a bug in which scripted search operations against the front document which explicitly requested results did not receive them (nor were results displayed if requested).
• When using Page Up and Page Down to move the insertion point, the location of the insertion point relative to the top line of the document is now maintained.
• Fixed bug in which file filter terms referencing "Parent Folder" did not work correctly.
• Fixed cosmetic bug in which the status area would be incorrectly redrawn when clicking on the document lock icon to unlock the backing file on disk.
• Fixed crash which would occur while typing a #MARK comment callout at the very end of a PHP or C file.
• Fixed bug in which Go -> Previous/Next Difference would select items in the Differences list, but not bring the selected list item into view.
• Operations that select a line (such as providing a line number to the command-line tool, or Open Selection with a file:line specification) will now place the insertion point at the beginning of the indicated line, rather than selecting the entire line.
• When restoring application state, documents that were open only in results windows (search results, source control status, etc) but were not open in any other windows are now opened together into a new window, rather than having one new window opened for each instance of the document that had been displayed in a results window.
• The default for "Show tick marks in scroll bar" in the Editing preferences (applying to "Display instances of selected text") now defaults to -off-, to avoid confusing the unwary.
• Made changes to increase the contrast between normal and selected difference colors, and to make sub-line differences more visible against the selected-difference background color.
• Fixed crash which would occur when running a text factory from the Scripts menu and using the "Choose" button to modify the list of items to process.
• Fixed a bug in which the HTML syntax checker would incorrectly report errors in documents containing tags in embedded JavaScript content.
• Put in a timeout to guard against a hang which occurs sporadically when we request the current runtime environment from the user's login shell.
• Recompiled the PCRE library with a flag changed to address an error which would occur when trying to use Grep patterns longer than 12219(?!!) characters.
• Improved error reporting for invalid Grep patterns.
• Fixed bug in which "Process Duplicate Lines" would delete the line following a blank line (in sort order), whether it was blank or not.
• Fixed layout glitch in the Keyboard preferences on OS X 10.9.
• Fixed crash which would occur when closing a document window after having triggered a bezel alert (such as the "wrap around" search indicator).
• Fixed bug in which using the View -> Text Display -> Split/Unsplit Text View command would sometimes not correctly redraw the editing view.
• Fixed an error 10003 which would occur when performing scripted operations which involved high-frequency open/close cycles with different documents.
• Fixed bug in which documents opened from a results window in which Soft Wrap Text was turned on did not correctly apply the wrap settings.
• When using Go => Named Symbol, the search box is now initially populated with the word surrounding the insertion point, or with the selected text if it contains no white space or line breaks.
• Made a change so that text in CDATA sections in HTML and XML files is now eligible for spell checking.
• Made a change to improve performance when changing the live-match highlighting in documents with extremely long unwrapped lines.
• Put in a workaround for an OS bug on 10.11 in which the state restoration progress window would appear blank or black for some period of time at startup.
• Fixed bug in which documents which did not have saved state did not correctly adopt language-specific preferences when opened.
• Fixed crash which would occur when performing a Sort Lines or Process Duplicate Lines operation using a pattern and the "All sub-patterns" option.
• Text underlined or highlighted by the "Display instances of selected text" matching now uses the "Plain text" color, rather than deriving from the "Background" color.
• Fixed a bug in which the keyboard focus was not on the name field in the "save color scheme" sheet, as it should have been.
• Fixed bug in which Differences windows had, incomprehensibly, a Current Function item in the status area.
• Fixed bug in which the initial state of "Sync Scrolling" for Differences windows was wrong in certain situations.
• Made a collection of changes to improve startup performance and application responsiveness when initially loading the contents of very large folder-backed menus (especially clippings).
• Fixed layout goof in text views in which all status area items were turned off, but Show Line Bar or Show Gutter was turned on.
• Fixed bug in which a source control commit window would be silently confirmed if the application was quit while it was open. Now, the window will be discarded if no changes were made to the commit message; otherwise it will prompt for a decision.
• Corrected font display in the edit fields for the "Replace All" text factory operation.
• By default, "display occurrences of selected text" will only search for qualifying text that is two characters or longer, so that selecting or placing the insertion point in front of a single character will no longer display highlights throughout the document.
• During text drag-and-drop, the insertion point indicator will now appear immediately at the drop location, rather than waiting for a blink cycle.
• The "Strip trailing whitespace" option when saving files will no longer remove page breaks.
• Adjusted the factory default color schemes to use a Differences color with greater contrast.
• The Unix Shell Script language module now allows single- and double-quoted strings to cross line boundaries.
• мFixed bug in which Zip archives weren't listed in the Open dialog unless "Show hidden items" was turned on.
• Fixed bug in which current-line highlighting would disappear from the first line in the document when using an unmodified up-arrow to move the insertion point to the beginning of the line.
• Adjusted the PCRE library to use the application heap for recursion instead of the machine stack, which allows more deeply recursive patterns to run successfully (at the theoretical cost of some performance).
• Fixed bug in which CSS unit values were lost when using the CSS markup panels.
• Suppressed vertical resizing in the text factory "Replace All" panel to resolve layout issues.
• Fixed bug in which clippings were listed twice in the Clippings panel of the Setup window.
• Fixed bug in which custom language mappings for file names or file name patterns didn't work for files without a name extension.
• Fixed bug in which trying to toggle "Synchro Scrolling" in a Differences window wouldn't work when keyboard focus was in one of the editing views.
• Made a change so that text in non-selected differences ranges (which are now a neutral gray) is allowed to have its usual syntax coloring, rather than being forced the foreground color.
• When refreshing the results in a Differences window, previously computed sub-line differences and selected-difference ranges are now cleared to avoid incorrect stray highlighting.
• Introduced a new built-in language, "Shell Worksheet". This is just like "Unix Shell Script", except that it doesn't allow strings to cross line boundaries. (It's a correct thing to do in scripts generally, but looks very strange in output.)
• Worked around a bug in the Wacom tablet driver in which it was generating spurious mouse-wheel-moved events which would in turn cause unwanted scrolling during certain pen movements.

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