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Дискография 1978-2005 320 kbps Исполнитель: Dire Straits
Альбом: Discography
Год выпуска: 1978-2005
Жанр: Rock | Folk Rock | Blues Rock
Формат: MP3
Качество: 320 kbps
Продолжительность: 31:51:18

О музыке:

Dire Straits (МФА: /da?? stre?ts/, Дайер стрейтс) — британская рок-группа, основанная в 1977 году Марком Нопфлером (гитара, вокал), его братом Дэвидом Нопфлером (гитара), басистом Джоном Иллсли и ударником Пиком Уизерсом. Менеджером группы на протяжении почти всей её карьеры был Эд Бикнелл. Музыкальный стиль Dire Staits, развившийся из паб-рока, может быть охарактеризован как мелодичный блюз-рок, испытавший сильное влияние кантри, рок-н-ролла, фолка и джаза. В творчестве группы преобладали меланхоличные композиции. Несмотря на то, что группа была образована во времена господства панк-рока и сильно контрастировала с ним по звучанию, благодаря таланту Марка Нопфлера она снискала всемирную популярность. Dire Straits вошла в число наиболее коммерчески успешных групп в истории рок-музыки, в общей сложности было продано более 120 миллионов копий их альбомов. Самый популярный альбом группы, Brothers in Arms, разошёлся тиражом более 30 миллионов копий. Наиболее известные хиты группы: «Telegraph Road», «Sultans of Swing», «Romeo and Juliet», «Private Investigations», «Money for Nothing», «Walk of Life», «Tunnel of Love», «Brothers in Arms» и «Calling Elvis»

Составы Dire Straits

Марк Нопфлер - соло-гитара, вокал (1977–1995)
Джон Иллсли - бас-гитара, бэк-вокал (1977–1995)
Алан Кларк - клавишные (1980–1995)
Гай Флетчер - клавишные, бэк-вокал (1984–1995)
Марк Нопфлер - соло-гитара, вокал (1977–1995)
Дэвид Нопфлер - ритм-гитара, бэк-вокал (1977–1980)
Джон Иллсли - бас-гитара, бэк-вокал (1977–1995)
Пик Уизерс - ударные, перкуссия (1977–1982)
Марк Нопфлер - соло-гитара, вокал (1977–1995)
Джон Иллсли - бас-гитара, бэк-вокал (1977–1995)
Крис Уиттен - ударные (1991–1995)
Фил Палмер - ритм-гитара (1991–1995)
Пол Франклин - слайд-гитара (1991–1995)
Алан Кларк - клавишные (1980–1995)
Гай Флетчер - клавишные, бэк-вокал (1984–1995)
Крис Уайт - Саксофон (1985–1995)
Дэнни Каммингс - перкуссия (1991–1995)

1978. Dire Straits

01.Down To The Waterline
02.Water Of Love
03.Setting Me Up
04.Six Blade Knife
05.Southbound Again
06.Sultans Of Swing
07.In The Gallery
08.Wild West End

1978. Live In Rotterdam

01 - Down To The Waterline
02 - Six Blade Knife
03 - Once Upon A Time In The West
04 - Lady Writer
05 - Water Of Love
06 - In The Gallery
07 - What's The Matter With You Baby?
08 - Lions
09 - Sultans Of Swing
10 - Wild West End
11 - Eastbound Train

1979. Communique

01.Once Upon A Time In The West
03.Where Do You Think You're Going?
05.Lady Writer
06.Angel Of Mercy
07.Portobello Belle
08.Single Handed Sailor
09.Follow Me Home

1980. Making Movies

01.Tunnel Of Love
02.Romeo And Juliet
04.Expresso Love
05.Hand In Hand
06.Solid Rock
07.Les Boys

1982. Extended Dance Play

01.Twisting By The Pool
02.Two Young Lovers
03.If I Had You
04.Badges, Posters, Stickers, T-Shirts

1982. Love Over Gold

01.Telegraph Road
02.Private Investigations
03.Industrial Disease
04.Love Over Gold
05.It Never Rains

1983. Mark Knopfler - Local Hero OST

01.The Rocks And The Water
02.Wild Theme
03.Freeway Flyer
04.Boomtown (Variation Louis' Favourite)
05.The Way It Always Starts
06.The Rocks And The Thunder
07.The Ceilidh And The Northern Lights
08.The Mist Covered Mountains
09.The Ceilidh - Louis' Favourite, Billy's Tune
10.Whistle Theme
13.The Rocks And The Thunder
14.Going Home - Theme Of The Local Hero

1984. Alchemy (Live) 2 Cdsl

01.Once Upon A Time In The West
02.Expresso Love
03.Romeo And Juliet
04.Love Over Gold
05.Private Investigations
06.Sultans Of Swing
01.Two Young Lovers
02.Tunnel Of Love
03.Telegraph Road
04.Solid Rock
05.Going Home (Theme From, Local Hero)

1984. Mark Knopfler - From The Film Cal

01.Irish Boy
02.The Road
03.Waiting For Her
04.Irish Love
05.A Secret Place, Where Will You Go
06.Father And Son
07.Meeting Under The Trees
08.Potato Picking
09.In A Secret Place
10.Fear And Hatred
11.Love And Guilt
12.The Long Road

1985. Brothers In Arms

01.So Far Away
03.02.Money For Nothing
04.Walk Of Life
05.Your Latest Trick
06.Why Worry
07.Ride Across The River
08.The Man's Too Strong
09.One World
10.Brothers In Arms

1988. Money For Nothing

01.Sultans Of Swing (5:46)
02.Down To The Waterline (4:00)
03.Portobello Belle (Live) (4:33)
04.Twisting By The Pool (3:30)
05.Tunnel Of Love (8:09)
06.Romeo & Juliet (5:56)
07.Where Do You Think You're Going (3:30)
08.Walk Of Life (4:07)
09.Private Investigations (5:51)
10. Dire Straits - Telegraph Road (Live) (11:57)
11. Dire Straits - Money For Nothing (4:06)
12. Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms (4:48)

1989. Mark Knopfler - Last Exit To Brooklyn

01.Last Exit To Brooklyn
03.Think Fast
04.A Love Idea
07.The Reckoning
08.As Low As It Gets
09.Finale - Last Exit To Brooklyn

1989. Mark Knopfler & Eric Clapton - The Twelfth Night 2 Cds

01. Crossroads
02. White Room
03. I Shot The Sheriff
04. Bell Bottom Blues
05. Lay Down Sally
06. Wonderful Tonight
07. I Wanna Make Love To You
08. After Midnight
09. Can'T Find My Way Home
10. Forever Man
01. Same Old Blues
02. Tearing Us Apart
03. Cocaine
04. Layla
05. Behind The Mask
06.Sunshine Of Your Love

1990. Mark Knopfler - The Notting Hillbillies- Missing Presumed Having A Good Time

01. Railroad Worksong
02. Bewildered
03. Your Own Sweet Way
04. Run Me Down
05. One Way Gal
06. Blues Stay Away From Me
07. Will You Miss Me
08. Please Baby
09. Weapon Of Prayer
10. That's Where I Belong
11. Feel Like Going Home

1990. Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins - Neck And Neck

01. Poor boy blues
02. Sweet dreams
03. There'll be some changes made
04. Just one time
05. So soft, your goodbye
06. Yakety axe
07. Tears
08. Tahitian skies
09. I'll see you in my dreams
10. The next time I'm in town

1991. On Every Street

01.Calling Elvis 6:26
02.On Every Street 5:04
03.When It Comes to You 5:01
04.Fade to Black 3:50
05.The Bug 4:16
06.You and Your Friend 5:59
07.Heavy Fuel 5:10
08.Iron Hand 3:09
09.Ticket to Heaven 4:25

1993. DIRE STRAITS. On The Night (live)

01. Calling Elvis
02. Walk Of Life
03. Heavy Fuel
04. Romeo And Juliet
05. Private Investigations
06. Your Latest Trick
07. On Every Street
08. You And Your Friends
09. Money For Nothing
10. Brothers In Arms

1993. Mark Knopfler - Screenplaying

01 Irish Boy (Cal)
02 Irish Love (Cal)
03 Father And Son (Cal)
04 Potato Picking (Cal)
05 The Long Road (Cal)
06 A Love Idea (Last Exit To Brooklyn)
07 Victims (Last Exit To Brooklyn)
08 Finale - Last Exit To Brooklyn (Last Exit To Brooklyn)
09 Once Upon A Time...Storybook Love (The Princess Bride)
10 Morning Ride (The Princess Bride)
11 The Friends' Song (The Princess Bride)
12 Guide My Sword (The Princess Bride)
13 A Happy Ending (The Princess Bride)
14 Wild Theme (Local Hero)
15 Boomtown (Variation Louis' Favourite) (Local Hero)
16 The Mist Covered Mountains (Local Hero)
17 Smooching (Local Hero)
18 Going Home_ Theme Of The Local Hero (Local Hero)


01.Down To The Waterline
02.Six Blade Knife
03.Water Of Love
04.Wild West End
05.Sultans Of Swing
07.What's The Matter Baby
08.Tunnel Of Love

1996. MARK KNOPFLER. Golden Heart

01. Darling Pretty
02. Imelda
03. Golden Heart
04. No Can Do
05. Vic And Ray
06. Don't You Get It
07. A Night In Summer Long Ago
08. Cannibals
09. I'm The Fool
10. Je Suis Desole
11. Rudiger
12. Nobody's Got The Gun
13. Done With Bonaparte
14. Are We In Trouble Now

1997. MARK KNOPFLER. The Princess Bride

01.Once Upon A Time...Storybook Love
02.I Will Never Love Again
03.Florin Dance
04.Morning Ride
05.The Friends' Song
06.The Cliffs Of Insanity
07.The Swordfight
08.Guide My Sword
09.The Fireswamp And The Rodents Of Unusual Size
11.A Happy Ending
12.Storybook Love

1998. DIRE STRAITS. Sultans Of Swing (Limited Edition) 2 Cds

01. Sultans Of Swing
02. Lady Writer
03. Romeo And Juliet
04. Tunnel Of Love
05. Private Investigation
06. Twisting By The Pool
07. Love Over Gold (Live)
08. So Far Away
09. Money For Nothing
10. Brothers In Arms
11. Walk Of Life
01. Calling Elvis
02. Heavy Fuel
03. On Every Street
04. Your Latest Trick (Live)
05. Local Hero-Wild Theme (Live)
06. Calling Elvis
07. Walk Of Life
08. Last Exit To Brooklyn
09. Romeo And Juliet
10. Sultans Of Swing
11. Brothers In Arms

1998. DIRE STRAITS. The Very Best Of (Sultans Of Swing)

01. Sultan Of Swing
02. Lady Writer
03. Romeo And Juliet
04. Tunnel Of Love
05. Private Investigations
06. Twisting By The Pool
07. Love Over Gold (live)
08. So Far Away
09. Money For Nothing
10. Brothers In Arms
11. Walk Of Life
12. Calling Elvis
13. Heavy Fuel
14. On Every Street
15. Your Latest Trick (live)
16. Local Hero/Wild Theme (live)

1998. MARK KNOPFLER. Wag The Dog

01.Wag The Dog
02.Working On It
03.In The Heartland
04.An American Hero
05.Just Instinct
06.Stretching Out
07.Drooling National
08.We're Going To War

1998. MARK KNOPFLER. Music From The Film Metroland

01. Metroland Theme (Instrumental)
02. Annick
03. Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles
04. Brats
05. Blues Clair
06. Down Day
07. A Walk In Paris
08. She'S Gone
09. Minor Swing
10. Peaches
11. Sultans Of Swing
12. So You Win Again
13. Alison
14. Metroland

2000. MARK KNOPFLER. Sailing To Philadelphia

01. What It Is (04:57)
02. Sailing To Philadelphia (05:29)
03. Who's Your Baby Now (03:06)
04. Baloney Again (05:09)
05. The Last Laugh (03:22)
06. Silvertown Blues (05:32)
07. El Macho (05:29)
08. Prairie Wedding (04:26)
09. Wanderlust (03:52)
10. Speedway At Nazareth (06:23)
11. Junkie Doll (04:35)
12. Sands Of Nevada (03:58)
13. One More Matinee (04:05)

2001. MARK KNOPFLER. A Shot At Glory

01.Sons Of Scotland
02.Hard Cases
03.He’s The Man
05.The New Laird
06.Say Too Much
07.Four In A Row
08.All That I Have In The World
09.Sons Of Scotland – Quiet Theme
10.It’s Over
11.Wild Mountain Thyme

2002. The Ragpicker's Dream

CD 1
01.Why Aye Man
02.Devil Baby
03.Hill Farmer’s Blues
04.A Place Where We Used To Live
05.Quality Shoe
06.Fare Thee Well Northumberland
08.You Don’t Know You’re Born
10.The Ragpicker’s Dream
11.Daddy’s Gone To Knoxville
12.Old Pigweed
CD 2
01.Why Aye Man (Live)
02.Quality Shoe (Live)
03.Sailing To Philadelphia (Live)
04.Brothers In Arms (Live)

2004. Mark Knopfler - Shangri-La

01. 5:15 A.M. (5:54)
02. Boom, Like That (5:49)
03. Sucker Row (4:55)
04. The Trawlerman's Song (5:00)
05. Back to Tupelo (4:28)
06. Our Shangri-La (5:41)
07. Everybody Pays (5:22)
08. Song for Sonny (5:06)
09. Whoop De Doo (3:49)
10. Postcards from Paraguay (4:04)
11. All That Matters (3:08)
12. Stand Up Guy (4:32)
13. Donegan's Gone (3:00)
14. Don't Crash the Ambulance (5:06)

2005. Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler - The Best Of (Special Edition)

01. Telegraph Road
02. Sultans Of Swing
03. Love Over Gold
04. Romeo & Juliet
05. Tunnel Of Love
06. Private Investigations
07. So Far Away
08. Money For Nothing
09. Brothers In Arms
10. Walk Of Life
11. Your Latest Trick
01. Calling Elvis
02. On Every Street
03. Going Home (Theme From The Local Hero)
04. Darling Pretty
05. The Long Road (Theme From Cal)
06. Why Aye Man
07. Sailing To Philadelphia
08. What It Is
09. The Trawlerman's Song
10. Boom, Like That
11. All The Roadrunning (Duet With Emmylou Harris)
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