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[Udemy] Learn to Code in C++ by Developing Your First Game [2016, ENG] Год выпуска: 2016
Производитель: Udemy
Сайт производителя: www.udemy.com
Продолжительность: 36:57:26
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Описание: This course is the beginning of a project that was a runaway success on Kickstarter. Get involved now, and get access to all future content as it's added. The final course will be over 30 hours of content and 200+ lectures.
Learn how to create and mod video games using Unreal Engine 4, the free-to-use game development platform used by AAA studios and indie developers worldwide. We start super simple so you need no prior experience of Unreal or coding! With our online tutorials, you'll be amazed what you can achieve.
Benefit from our world-class support from both other students, and Ben who is on the forums regularly. Go on to build several games including a full 3D version of Pong with an online multiplayer scoreboard, and more.
You will have access to a course forum where you can discuss topics on a course-wide basis, or down to the individual video. Our thriving discussion forum will help you learn and share ideas with other students.
You will learn C++, the powerful industry standard language from scratch. By the end of the course you'll be very confident in the basics of coding and game development, and hungry to learn more.
Anyone who wants to learn to create games: Unreal Engine is a fantastic platform which enables you to make AAA-quality games. Furthermore these games can be created for Windows, consoles, MacOS, iOS, Android and Web from a single source!
If you're a complete beginner, we'll teach you all the coding and game design principles you'll need. If you're an artist, we'll teach you to bring your assets to life. If you're a coder, we'll teach you game design principles.


01. Promo Video.mp4
2. Welcome To The Course.mp4
2A. Unreal-IS02-Intro-Notes-Assets.pdf
03. Setup Visual Studio Or XCode.mp4
04. Unreal Development Environment.mp4
4A. Unreal Development Environment.txt
05. Intro To Visual Studio On PC.mp4
06. Intro To Xcode On MacOS.mp4
07. A Quick Tour Of Unreal Editor.mp4
7a. Quiz 1 Section End Quiz.txt
08. Section Wrap-Up.mp4
09. Intro, Notes & section Assets.mp4
09A. UnrealCourse.com-Section-2-Slides-v.9.pdf
10. Game Design Document.mp4
10A. Book Code Complete (Link).txt
10A. Code Complete A Practical Handbook of Software Construction, Second Edition.pdf
11. How Solutions And Projects Relate.mp4
12. C++ Function Syntax.mp4
13. Using, #include And Namespaces.mp4
14. Magic Numbers And Constants.mp4
15. Variables And cin for Input.mp4
16. Using getline().mp4
17. Simplifying With Functions.mp4
18. Iterating With For & While Loops.mp4
18A. Quiz 2 Mid Section Quiz.txt
19. Clarity Is Worth Fighting For.mp4
20. Booleans And Comparisons.mp4
21. Using Do and While in C++.mp4
22. Introducing Classes.mp4
23. Using Header Files As Contracts.mp4
24. Including Our Own Header File.mp4
25. Instantiating Your Class.mp4
26. Writing And Using Getter Methods.mp4
27. Introducing The Const Keyword.mp4
28. Constructors For Initialisation.mp4
29. Pseudocode Programming.mp4
29A. Quiz 3 Mid Section Quiz.txt
30. Using using forType Aliases.mp4
31. Using struct for Simple Types.mp4
32. Using if Statements in C++.mp4
33. Debugging 101.mp4
34. A Place for Everything.mp4
35. Introducing enumerations.mp4
36. Writing Error Checking Code.mp4
37. Using switch Statements.mp4
38. Warm Fuzzy Feelings.mp4
39. Handling Game Win Condition.mp4
39A. Quiz 4 Mid Section Quiz.txt
40. Win Or Lose Screen.mp4
41. Introducing Big O notation.mp4
42. TMAP and map Data Structures.mp4
43. Range-based for Loop.mp4
44. Design a Helper Function.mp4
45. Playtesting Yor Game.mp4
46. Difficulty & Play Tuning.mp4
47. Polishing & Packaging.mp4
47A. Quiz 5 End Section Quiz.txt
48. Section Wrap-Up.mp4
49. Intro, Notes & Section Assets.mp4
49A. gitignore.zip
49B. BE01-Building-Escape-Slides-v.7.pdf
49C. UnrealCourse.com Section 3 Slides.txt
50. Game Design Document (GDD).mp4
51. Version Control 101.mp4
52. Ignoring Unreal Derived Files.mp4
53. Your First .gitignore For Unreal.mp4
53A. .gitignore Link.txt
54. Getting to Know Unreal's Editor .mp4
55. A Pointers Primer.mp4
56. Unreal's Class System.mp4
57. Runtime Message for Feedback.mp4
58. Accessing Object Names.mp4
58A. Quiz 6 Mid Section Quiz.txt
59. Getting Transforms In C++.mp4
60. Moving Objects In C++.mp4
61. Laying Out Geometry .mp4
62. Applying Materials.mp4
63. Macros Starting With UPPROPERTY.mp4
64. Using Trigger Volumes.mp4
65. Unreal's PlayerController.mp4
66. Using Collision Volumes.mp4
67. Using GetTimeSeconds().mp4
68. Grabbing System Overview.mp4
68A. Quiz 7 Mid Section Quiz.txt
69. Modifying the Default Pawn Actor.mp4
70. Inherit Game Mode Blueprint .mp4
71. Getting Player Viewpoint.mp4
72. Using DrawDebugLine.mp4
73. Line Tracing AKA Ray-Casting.mp4
73A. Collision filtering blog post Link.txt
74. LineTracesingleByObjectType().mp4
74A Links.txt
76. Resetting Your Unreal Project.mp4
77. Using FindComponentByClass().mp4
78. Introcucing Input Binding.mp4
78A. Quiz 8 Mid Section Quiz.txt
79. Accessors & Memory Layout.mp4
80. Reducing Code in Hot Loops.mp4
81. Using Physics Handles.mp4
81A. Link.txt
82. Refactoring Rules.mp4
83. Introducing Unreal's TArray.mp4
84. Iterating over TArray with for.mp4
85. Debugging Game Issues.mp4
86. Managing Texture Tiling.mp4
87. More Coming Soon.txt
87. Pointer Protection Process.mp4
88. Exposing Events to Blueprint.mp4
88A. Quiz 9 Mid Section Quiz.txt
89. Using Blueprint Timeline.mp4
90. Everything in its Place.mp4
91. Using Variables in Blueprint.mp4
92. SFX & Audio Clips.mp4
92A. Quiz 10 End Quiz.txt
93. Section Wrap Up.mp4
94. Intro, Notes & Section Assets.mp4
94. UnrealCourse.com Section 4 Slides.txt
95. Corresponding-Blog-Post.txt
95. Game Design Document (GDD).mp4
96. Accompanying-Blog-Post.txt
96. Setting Up a GitHub “Repo”.mp4
97. Creating & Deleting Landscapes.mp4
98. Landscape Setup & Scaling.mp4
99. A Landscaping Process.mp4
100. Upgrading Engine Version.mp4
101. Using Landscape Layers.mp4
102. Flat Shading Low Poly Landscapes.mp4
103. More Landscaping tools.mp4
103A - Chris-Folea-MountainRange3.png
103B - Quiz 11 - Mid Section Quiz.txt
104. Tank Control System.mp4
105. Actors from Multiple Meshes.mp4
105. Composing Multi-Part Actors.mp4
106. Configuring a Tank.mp4
106. Using Blueprints to Discover C++.mp4
107. 3rd Person Camera Control.mp4
107. Call C++ Functions from Blueprint .mp4
108. Fixing 3rd Person Camera Rotation.mp4
108. Using BindAxis() for Input.mp4
109. User Interface (UI) in Unreal.mp4
109. Using DeltaTimeSeconds.mp4
110. Main Menu Screens.mp4
111. UI Scale Box, Buttons & Mouse.mp4
112. Controller Ready Navigation.mp4
113. Trial Packaging Your Game.mp4
113A. Quiz 12 Mid Section Quiz.txt
114. Delegating to Components.mp4
115. Using virtual and override.mp4
116. Creating an AI Controller Class.mp4
117. Get the Player Controller with C++.mp4
118. Add Tick() to PlayerController.mp4
119. Creating an Out Parameter Method.mp4
120. Finding Screen Pixel Coordinates.mp4
121. Using DeprojectScreenToWorld.mp4
122. Using LineTraceSingleByChannel().mp4
123. Unify Player & AI Aiming.mp4
123A. Quiz 13 Mid Section Quiz.txt
124. Create Default Sub Objects in C++.mp4
125. BlueprintCallable().mp4
126. SuggestProjectileVelocity().mp4
127. Predict Projectile Landing Point.mp4
128. Using FRotators in Unreal.mp4
129. The C++ Compilation Process.mp4
129. Using Forward Declarations.mp4
130. BlueprintSpawnableComponent().mp4
131. BlueprintSpawnableComponent().mp4
132. Review Our Execution Flow.mp4
133. How to Report Bugs.mp4
133A. Quiz 14 Mid Section Quiz.txt
134. Using Clamp() to Limit Values.mp4
135. CHALLENGE - Turret Rotation.mp4
136. CHALLENGE - Turret Rotation Pt.2.mp4
137. Setting Up Projectiles.mp4
138. Upgrading to Unreal 4.12.mp4
139. Working Round Awkward Bugs.mp4
139A DISCUSSIONS - On GameDev.tv .txt
140. Using SpawnActor() to Spawn.mp4
140A TSubclassOf and DISCUSSIONS - On GameDev.tv.txt
141. Projectile Movement Components.mp4
141A GitHub Repo and DISCUSSIONS On Gamedev.tv.txt
142. Making AI Tanks Fire.mp4
143. EditAnywhere vs EditDefaultsOnly.mp4
143A. Quiz 15 Mid Section Quiz.txt
144. Adding a Quit Button.mp4
145. Setup Track Throttles.mp4
146. ApplyForceAtLocation() in Action.mp4
146A Links.txt
147. Physics Materials & Friction.mp4
148. Fly-by-Wire Control System.mp4
149. Using BlueprintReadOnly.mp4
149A. Links.txt
150. A Better Component Architecture.mp4
151. Completing Manual Tank Movement.mp4
152. Introducing AI Pathfinding.mp4
152A Links.txt
153. Dissecting RequestDirectMove().mp4
153A Lecture DISCUSSIONS Link.txt
153B. Quiz 16 Mid Section Quiz.txt
154. DotProduct() Vector Operator.mp4
154A Dot Product Scalar Projection on Wikipedia.txt
155. CrossProduct() Vector Operator.mp4
155A. Cross Product Animation on Wikipedia.txt
156. Finalising Your Class Code.mp4
156A. Lecture DISCUSSIONS Link.txt
157. How to Use Blueprint Variables.mp4
157A Unreal's Blueprint Variable Documentation.txt
158. Using Enum(erations) in UE4.mp4
158A UEnum Documentation (advanced).txt
159. Refactoring our Aiming Component.mp4
159A. Lecture DISCUSSIONS.txt
160. Attaching a Debugger to Unreal.mp4
160A. MS Docs on Attaching the VS Debugger.txt
161. Constructor & Begin Play Timing.mp4
161A. Lecture Discussions.txt
162. Decoupling Your Architecture.mp4
162A. Wikipedia on Race Conditions.txt
163. BlueprintImplementableEvent.mp4
163A. Lecture Discussions.txt
163B. Question4.png
163B. Quiz 17 Mid Section Quiz.txt
164. Using the ensure Assertion.mp4
164A. Unreal Docs on Assertions (see bottom).txt
165. Dependency Mapping.mp4
165A. Lecture Discussions.txt
166. Talking Head - Real World Skills.mp4
166A. Lecture Discussion.txt
167. Starting From Green.mp4
167A. Some good Red Green Refactor resources.txt
168. Aiming Without the Tank.mp4
168A. Code Changes in This Video- GitHub.txt
169. Finishing our Refactoring.mp4
169A. GitHub commit for this lecture.txt
169B. Links.txt
170. Adding TickComponent() Back.mp4
170A. Links.txt
171. Are Two Floats Equal.mp4
171A. Links.txt
172. Programmatic Sideways Friction.mp4
172A. Links.txt
173. OnComponentHit Event in 4.12.mp4
173A. Links.txt
174. Avoiding Boolean Flags.mp4
174A. Links.txt
174B. Quiz 18 Mid Section Quiz.txt
175. Improving Tank Aiming.mp4
175A. Links.txt
176. Tweaking Tank AI.mp4
176A. Links.txt
177. Making an Ammo Display.mp4
177A. Links.txt
178. Making an AutoMortar.mp4
178A. Links.txt
179. Using the Reference Viewer.mp4
179A. Links.txt
180. Preparing for Particles.mp4
180A. Links.txt
181. Introducing Particle Systems.mp4
181A. Links.txt
182. Particle Bounding Boxes.mp4
182A. Links.txt
183. Using FAttachmentTransformRules.mp4
183A. Links.txt
183B. Quiz 19 Mid Section Quiz.txt
184. Radial Forces & Caching.mp4
184A. Links.txt
185. Using GetTimerManager().mp4
185A. Links.txt
186. Using TakeDamage() on Actors.mp4
186A. Links.txt
187. BlueprintPure & Health Bars.mp4
187A. Links.txt
188. The Observer Pattern.mp4
188A. Links.txt
189. Finishing Off - Part 1.mp4
189A. Links.txt
190. Finishing Off - Part 2.mp4
190A. Links.txt
191. Section 4 Wrap-Up.mp4
192. Bonus - Switching Cameras.ts
192A. Links.txt
192B. Quiz 20 End of Section Quiz.txt
193. Testing Grounds Introduction.ts
193A. Links.txt
194. Testing Grounds GDD.ts
194A. Links.txt
195. Source Control Revisited.mp4
195. Using Git LFS (Large File Support).mp4
195A. Links.txt
195A. Links2.txt
196. Marketing & Markdown.mp4
196A. Links.txt
197. Use git clean to Revert Project.ts
197A. Links.txt
198. First Person Character Overview.ts
198A. Links.txt
199. The Third Person Character.ts
199A. Links.txt
200. Introducing AI Behaviour Trees.ts
200. Links.txt
201. Introducing AI Blackboard Data.ts
201A. Links.txt
202. Target Points and Patrol Routes.ts
202A. Links.txt
203. Using Any Actor for Waypoints.ts
203A. Links.txt
204. Options for Grouping Actors.ts
204A. Links.txt
205. Blueprint Behaviour Tree Tasks.ts
205A. Links.txt
206. Modular Arithmetic & Cycles.ts
206A. Links.txt
207. Performance Profiling 101.ts
207A. Links.txt
208. C++ AI Behaviour Tree Tasks.ts
208A. Links.txt
209. Reading Blackboard Data in C++.ts
209A. Links.txt
210. The Consequences of Inheritance.ts
210A. Links.txt
211. Converting Blueprint to C++.ts
212. Composition over Inheritance.ts
212A. Links.txt
212B. Quiz 22 Mid Section Quiz.txt
213. How to Delete a C++ Class.ts
213. Talking Head- What We've Covered.ts
213A. Links.txt
213A. Links (2).txt
214. How to Delete a C++ Class.ts
214. Instanced Materials.mp4
214A. Links.txt
214A. Links (2).txt
215. Instanced Materials.ts
215A. Links.txt
216. Introducing AI Perception.ts
216A. Links.txt
217. OnTargetPerceptionUpdated Event.ts
217A. Links.txt
218. AI Hearing Perception in Unreal.ts
219. The Animation Starter Pack.ts
219A. Links.txt
More Coming Soon....txt
Quiz 21 Mid Section Quiz.txt
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Формат видео: MP4
Видео: AVC, 1280x720 (16:9), 30.000 fps, ~1 133 Kbps avg, 0.041 bit/pixel
Аудио: 44.1 KHz, AAC LC, 1 ch, ~45.5 Kbps



Thank you SOOOOOOOO MUCH for this torrent !


Обновлено [Перехешируйте торрент]
17th October Update
220. Changing a Character’s Animation.ts 322.6MB
220A. Links.txt 247.0B
221. Customising a Character Blueprint.ts 245.3MB
221A. Links.txt 249.0B
222. Sub Behaviour Trees.ts 251.2MB
222A. Links.txt 235.0B
223. Talking Head Introducing Sam.ts 17.2MB
223A. Links.txt


10th October Update
213. Talking Head What We've Covered.ts 46.3MB
213A. Links.txt 131.0B
214. How to Delete a C++ Class.ts 145.2MB
214A. Links.txt 365.0B
215. Instanced Materials.ts 310.6MB
215A. Links.txt 430.0B
216. Introducing AI Perception.ts 310.1MB
216A. Links.txt 241.0B
217. OnTargetPerceptionUpdated Event.ts 280.7MB
217A. Links.txt 390.0B
218. AI Hearing Perception in Unreal.ts 246.3MB
219. The Animation Starter Pack.ts 343.8MB
219A. Links.txt
3th October Update
210. The Consequences of Inheritance.ts 247.2MB
210A. Links.txt 245.0B
211. Converting Blueprint to C++.ts 366.2MB
212. Composition over Inheritance.ts 391.8MB
212A. Links.txt 78.0B
212B. Quiz 22 Mid Section Quiz.txt 2.6KB
213. How to Delete a C++ Class.ts 145.2MB
213A. Links.txt 120.0B
214. Instanced Materials.mp4 55.5MB
214A. Links.txt 189.0B
26th September Update
203. Using Any Actor for Waypoints.ts 360.8MB
203A. Links.txt 245.0B
204. Options for Grouping Actors.ts 256.0MB
204A. Links.txt 243.0B
205. Blueprint Behaviour Tree Tasks.ts 412.7MB
205A. Links.txt 246.0B
206. Modular Arithmetic & Cycles.ts 366.7MB
206A. Links.txt 242.0B
207. Performance Profiling 101.ts 264.9MB
207A. Links.txt 241.0B
208. C++ AI Behaviour Tree Tasks.ts 351.0MB
208A. Links.txt 243.0B
209. Reading Blackboard Data in C++.ts 274.3MB
209A. Links.txt 244.0B


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