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All Updates for Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey- Название игры: Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey
Автор/Разработчик: Red Thread Games / GOG
Тип раздачи: Patch
Версии обновления: 5.0.3 – 5.3.1 ( – по GOG)
Требуемая версия игры: 5.0.1 ( по GOG)
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Требуемый язык игры: Не важно-Официальные патчи для игры Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey – The Full Series от системы дистрибуции GOG.
Обратите внимание! Данные патчи несовместимы с прочими версиями игры, ставить их следует только поверх установленной копии игры от GOG.com.

Список изменений

v5.0.3 ( от 20 июня 2016 г.
► Versions 5.0.1 & 5.0.2 had a serious bug that prevents old save games from being loaded. Fixed.
► All new episode — REDUX concludes the story of Dreamfall Chapters. There will be tears! But also joy! And laughter! But mostly tears, lots and lots of tears.
► Revamped parts of Book One for clarity and pacing — including the opening chapter in Storytime, with brand new (and hopefully much improved) gameplay.
► New (and entirely optional, though we recommend using it) Red Thread Games login and cloud synchronisation system.
► OpenGL 4.1 support on Mac and Linux systems, hopefully resulting in better overall performance.
► Unity engine update (another one!) from Unity 5.2 to 5.3, with further optimisations to memory management and performance.
► Improved lighting across multiple scenes from previous episodes — including Friar's Keep.
Патч поддерживает только 64-битные системы!

v5.1.1 ( от 21 июня 2016 г.

► Fixed an issue where there were blank screens during the previous episode recap, when playing the French or German versions, due to missing translated text. It now defaults to English if there's no translated text.
► Fixed a bug that resulted in disappearing "Start Book X" option after completing game, loading save-game.
► Starting the game with controller conflicted with the sign-in box; this has now been fixed.
► Fixed a problem where French/German players got stuck when there's no translated text (this was fixed in v5.0.3).
► Changed the wording in sign-up box to make it less confusing, since some players thought they needed to wait for verification email before they could start playing the game.
► Increased the interaction distance for vintner in Marcuria, after players reported problems interacting with the character.
► In the epilogue, the wrong description was triggered when looking at Balance symbol in ceiling. This has now been fixed.
► Fixed a serious bug in chapter 7, where the game would stop responding during a key decision point sequence. This bug was introduced in v5.1.
Патч поддерживает только 64-битные системы!

v5.2.0 ( от 28 июня 2016 г.

► Fixes a problem with buggy graphics on Mac, resulting in square, coloured artefacts appearing in scenes. This also includes other visual fixes for the Mac.
► Fixes an issue with missing lights in the Enclave in Book Two, affecting dialogues with Enu and Likho.
► Makes it easier (we hope!) to solve the musical puzzle in the Journeyman Inn for tone-deaf players.
► Fixes an issue with the materials on the Dreamer in chapter 7, to make it less shiny. It was too shiny. Way too shiny.
► Brings back missing sound-effects and voices for the guards banging on the roof gate in the Friar's Keep scene.
► Updates the cut-scene with Mira at the end of the Kidbot job path — nothing big, it should just look better now.
► Fixes an issue with buggy anchoring in the settings menu.
► Fixes missing collision geometry in Marcuria, which made it possible to exit the world — no more YouTube videos of flying Kians!
► Boosts footsteps on wooden surfaces, which was noticeable in (e.g.) the Hand That Feeds.
► Improves email format check for Red Thread account setup, to notify users of things like double @s.
► Fixes an issue with targeting Crow on top of Klacks' stage in Book Four, which was frustrating.
► Fixes a problem with the light beams in the Book Four Interlude on Macs, which made it super hard to solve the puzzle. Other light beams should also be improved now on Mac.
► Fixes an issue where players could enter the vintner's booth and confuse the vintner in Book Five. You don't want to confuse the vintner.
► Fixes an issue where you could open the game menu while a scene faded in, which caused the game to stop responding when loading a previous save.
► Some smaller fixes which might rightly be considered spoilers if we included them here, so we didn't.
Патч поддерживает только 64-битные системы!

v5.3.0 ( от 30 июня 2016 г.

► Adds German subtitles for Book Five.
► Adds remastered English voice files for Books 1-4, fixing inconsistencies in volume and sound quality.
► Fixes an issue with the 32-bit version, where players could not connect to our online database.
► Fixes a problem with the settings that ignored player's visual effects preferences when switching cameras.
Патч поддерживает только 64-битные системы!

v5.3.1 ( от 21 июля 2016 г.

► Adds French subtitles for Book Five.
Патч поддерживает только 64-битные системы!

Способ установки

① Запустить patch_dreamfall_chapters_X.X.X.X.exe, где X.X.X.X обозначает версию обновления.
② Распаковать патчи в порядке старшинства версий в директорию с установленной игрой, следуя инструкциям инсталлятора (папка с игрой определяется автоматически).
③ Кликнуть по ярлыку игры на рабочем столе.
④ Наслаждаться историей в новом свете.
Установленную у вас версию можно посмотреть в правом нижнем углу главного меню игры при заходе в настройки, а также определить непосредственно по имени инсталляционного файла от GOG.
UPD 22/07/2016 Добавлен патч v5.3.1. Просьба обновить торрент-файл. ★


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