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ДИСКОГРАФИЯ- -Жанр: Heavy /Power Metal
Год издания: 2003 - 2012
Страна: USA
Аудио кодек: MP3
Битрейт: 320 kbps
Тип рипа: tracks
Продолжительность: 03:36:19

2003 - After The Fire

01. Unum
02. After The Fire
03. Flash Of The Dark
04. Forever Free
05. Heart Of The Enemy
06. Solar Flight
07. Now Is The Time
08. Never, Not Again
09. Slaves

2006 - The Longest Night

01. Sunrise
02. I Am The Hammer
03. In The Violet Fire
04. By The Night Sky
05. Endlessly
06. The Longest Night
07. Fighting
08. Like A Ghost
09. Up The Gates
10. Never Run

2008 - Be Gone

01 Speak to Me
02 Dark New Life
03 No Remains
04 Red Honor
05 Buried at Sea
06 Rats and Rope
07 Cover Your Eyes and Pray
08 Telepath
09 Be Gone

2011 - Ten Years (Ep)

01. Ten Years
02. When We Fly
03. Whitelight (New Model Army cover)
04. Nothing I Can Say
05. Reflection And The Inevitable Future
06. Tormentor (Slayer cover)

2012 - Bury The Light

01. Leave Me Here To Dream
02. The Wolves
03. Castles In The Sky
04. The Year Of The Blizzard
05. The Spider's Thread
06. Cry
07. Graveyard Of Empires
08. Burn With Me
09. In Your Hands
10. The Spider's Thread (Reprise)

Biography (eng.)

Though its earliest echoes ring back to 1997, American heavy metal act PHARAOH released its debut album via the Cruz del Sur Music label in 2003. Paradoxically entitled After the Fire, the album’s robust and resilient songwriting caught the ears of selective metal fans worldwide. Three years later in 2006, The Longest Night fell and was an immediate underground favorite. As modern and hi-resolution as it was pure and orthodox, The Longest Night also boasted a substantive production that allowed all ten songs to resonate in full splendor.
Once again inspired by the fans’ response to their hard work, the songwriters of PHARAOH laid plans to make yet another leap forward, and by the middle of 2007, a third album was ready for production. Returning producer/engineer Matt Crooks and the band set to work without hesitation, starting in July and continuing for the remainder of the year. The band had already agreed on titling the album Be Gone several months before entering the studio, because a singular theme emerged early in the songwriting process. Songs such as the radiant "Speak to Me" and the bottomless epic "Buried at Sea" examine the inherent flaws of mankind, pitted hopelessly against the seemingly omniscient and unwavering power of nature. Similarly, the soaring strains of "Dark New Life" and sinister waves of "Telepath" offer narratives from a world where the human race is blazing paths to literal and emotional extinction. The inevitable disappearance of mankind is the overarching theme embodied in Be Gone’s musical storytelling.
Musically, Be Gone features songwriting that is at once complex and compact. Matt Johnsen’s now-trademark layering of guitars creates a rich and fertile backdrop for master-vocalist Tim Aymar’s powerful and arresting expressions. The rhythm section of bassist Chris Kerns and drummer Chris Black keeps the momentum high, deftly supporting all of the multi-layered melodic invention happening at every turn. Always mindful of not only the genre’s traditions but also its own, the band this time invited Riot guitarists Mark Reale and Mike Flyntz to contribute hard-cutting solos to "Dark New Life", and regular guest guitarist Jim Dofka performs a dazzling spot on "No Remains". Because the four bandmates form various songwriting combinations, PHARAOH’s albums have a characteristic diversity and depth that few other bands achieve.
PHARAOH’s songwriting and studio performances have reached greater heights with each successive album. Grandiose and inviting, Be Gone out-classes its predecessors, and few heavy metal groups have ever sounded as erudite as PHARAOH does, ripened from a decade of intense work together. Like the albums before it, Be Gone is the band’s invitation to all free-thinking heavy metal loyalists to join them at the edges of the genre’s collective imagination. PHARAOH’s steadfast dedication to its album-making craft has delayed its live debut, which will finally come in the form of select shows during 2008. Aiming high as always, PHARAOH will deliver every bit of its majestic energy onstage, performing songs from its entire history. Indeed, 2008 may deliver PHARAOH unto the heavy metal mainstream, thanks to the band’s long-awaited live debut and of course the release of Be Gone, a future classic of American heavy metal.
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